Thirty Days of Genius – Day Eighteen

I quietly sipped my tea, hoping the caffeine would boost my energy enough for me to make it through the rest of the day.  I was falling asleep at my desk and that wasn’t good for two reasons.  One, while my job was boring and meaningless, it still paid the bills.  If my boss found me sleeping then I’d have to find a new job.  The second was that I had a certain amount of work I needed to get done today and sleeping was not getting it done.  I had absolutely zero desire to stay late, so the caffeine had better work.

As an aspiring author I thought an editing job would be a dream come true.  Granted it was for the local paper rather for a big publishing house, but I figured editing was editing.  How wrong I was.  I spent my day reading drivel–poorly written drivel.  All day I changed their to they’re or two to too.  It was no wonder that I was falling asleep.

The tea leaves in the bottom of my cup made an interesting contrast against the creamy porcelain.  I briefly wondered what the leaves would mean to someone who could read them.  Was my life getting ready for a big change?  No change at all?  A tragedy or celebration?

I realized that I had once again drifted away from work.  A sigh slid through me.  I really needed a new job.  This one was killing what little creativity I had.

Writing prompts: author, energy, tea

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