Thirty Days of Genius – Day Eleven

At her age, she was happy to be able to say that she had lived a good life.  Marriage agreed with her.  It was a pleasant surprise considering the first years were very rocky.

She was to be married off to another noble’s son to cement some agreement between the two families.  It was expected that she would comply quietly, like all good daughters, so her blatant refusal both shocked and dismayed her parents.

It reached the point that she was guarded twenty-four hours a day so she wouldn’t try to escape, again.  She was forcibly dressed and escorted to her wedding where her father threatened her with violence if she didn’t behave properly.

Her words were stilted as she said her vows, her father’s glare firmly on her.  The wedding night was another disaster as her new husband didn’t understand her fears or concerns.  It had taken them nearly a year to figure out how to live together in some semblance of peace.

After two years they figured out how to get along and enjoy each other’s company.  At five years she woke up one morning to find she was hopelessly in love with her husband.  He had been patiently been waiting for his love to be returned and it was a joyful day indeed when it happened.

Now, fifty years later, surrounded by friends and family, she looked back with fondness on each of the years of her marriage, even the rough beginning.  ‘All things happen for a reason,’ she thought.  Looking at her children and grandchildren, she knew she was looking at the reason.

Writing prompts:  marriage, age, cement

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