Thirty Days of Genius – Day Six

I stared at my spellbook, stumped.  This was not something they taught in school, even mine.  The wolf in my kitchen was freaking me out with his subsonic growl and drooling fangs.  The alpha in the corner with the dark coat and piercing eyes was freaking me out even more.

Maybe I should mention how I came to be in this situation.  I’m Isabella Freeman, witch for hire.  Currently I was trying to figure out how to un-Were the werewolf in my kitchen.  Even his alpha had not been able to force him back into his human form, so he had turned to me for help.

The longer John, the Were currently slobbering on my floor, stayed in his wolf form, the more wolf-like he became.  His human logic and reasoning were being replaced with a wolf’s instincts.  Marcus, the alpha, casually told me he would have to stay lest John decide I was food instead of friend.  Knowing it was only Marcus’s influence that kept John in control was not helping my anxiety.

I wasn’t worried about turning Were if he attacked because nature decreed a witch’s DNA was not compatible.  Even most humans would not turn Were if they were bitten or attacked.  Most would die, but not turn Were.  The reason is that they lacked the correct set of genomes for the Were virus to latch onto.

These days all children were tested for the genome and compatible children were watched closely by the local werewolf pack.  Eventually they would be approached about joining the pack.  Those that refused were supposed to be left alone although sometimes “accidents” happened.

Only alphas were Weres from birth.  They were almost always born from Were couples, but occasionally someone outside the pack would birth a Were alpha.  The parents were generally happy to give the baby to the pack, for a small adoption fee of course.  Finding a wolf in your son’s bed was not a pleasant experience.

Marcus was a Were alpha from fully human parents.  John was not an alpha and had voluntarily contracted the virus when he was twenty.  However, none of that really helped me now.  Something had happened a week ago and John refused to leave his wolf form.  Marcus was being tight-lipped about what had happened.

I had already tried a calming spell to no effect.  I was eyeing a spell that returned an item to its normal form.  It was more of a counter-curse than an actual spell and it was supposed to be used on inanimate objects but I was out of ideas.  A few key substitutions should make it work, though I’d have to cook up a potion to make it most effective.  Forcing a potion down a wolf’s throat wasn’t too high on my list of things I wanted to do in my life but neither was getting on an alpha’s bad side.

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    1. I think I’ve read about it being a virus before, but generally it’s just a normal virus. As far as I know, the bits about the special DNA, the screening, and the alphas are all mine. Of course, I could be wrong, I just don’t remember reading anything exactly like it.

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