Thirty Days of Genius – Day Thirty

It was time.  The pontoon bridge had been deployed at 0300.  Now all we had to do was cross it, drive deep into enemy territory, find the exact location of the camp, take out the bad guys, rescue the hostages, and drive back out, all without the enemy finding out our position or intent.  Piece of cake. Like taking candy from a baby.  Easy as pie.  Add various other clichés here.

I may be sarcastic but I’m also realistic.  This was basically a suicide mission, which is why it was volunteer only.  The jungle made locating the base difficult, especially since they kept moving it.  Tonight’s mission was the hostages best chance for rescue–maybe their only chance.

Our team was small even though nearly two dozen had volunteered.  I had hand picked each member to give us the best possible chance.  We were going and we were coming home.  Simple as that.  I would do my best as CO to make sure every man came back safe.  We’d been over the plan enough times that each man knew exactly what his job was.  Now it was time to put the plan into action.

Writing prompts:  time, candy, pontoon

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