Thirty Days of Genius – Day Twenty-three

My attitude didn’t improve as I read the paragraph again.  Yep, I had read it correctly.  Black clouds gathered over my head as the scowl embedded itself deeper on my face.  I shut my laptop with more force than absolutely necessary and my roommate raised an eyebrow.

“Something wrong?” she asked.

“Yeah, Dan just email dumped me.  What a jackass,” I replied grumpily.  I wasn’t that torn up over the dump, he was on his way out anyway, it was more the lack of respect it showed that he couldn’t even tell me in person.

“Ouch.  You know what you need?”  Her eyes took on the evil glint that told me I wasn’t going to enjoy her next words.  “You need to come out with us tonight.  There are more fish in the sea and I happen to know just where to find the hottest ones.  We’re hitting up Scarlet tonight; come with us!”

I frowned.  Scarlet was a new club that opened up in the “revitalized” section downtown.  The problem is it opened before much of the rest of the area had a chance to improve.

“Come on, come on!” she pleaded.  “I’ll let you borrow my black dress.”  I must’ve still looked skeptical because she continued.  “I’ll even let you wear my boots.  You know, the red ones?”

She really wanted me to go if she was going to give up two of her favorite pieces to make it happen.  “Okay, I’m in.  I would’ve went even without the boots and dress but now that you’ve offered, I’m not turning them down.”

She stuck her tongue out at me.  “No fair!  You play dirty!”

I just laughed and rolled my eyes.  “When are we leaving?”

Writing prompts:  email, paragraph, attitude

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