Thirty Days of Genius – Day Twenty-two

The flying monkey screamed over the top panel of my cube and landed in a blissfully silent pile in the corner.  I sighed as Matt jogged in and picked it up.

“Sorry, Chris, I know you hate this thing.  I’ll try to keep it out of your cube.”  He flashed me a grin and went back to slacking, confident that the boss was safely in Chicago.

I just rolled my eyes and went back to work.  Yeah, it was Friday, but some of us actually liked to get work done during work hours.  Funny, I know.  The monkey screamed through my airspace again and I suppressed a shudder.  It would be an act of kindness for everyone in the office if that damn monkey was lost, never to be found again.

“Matt!” I yelled as the monkey made a third pass over my cube.  “Go play somewhere else!  Some of us are trying to work.”

Matt’s head poked into my cube.  “Chris,” he whined, “it’s Friday.  Come have some fun with us.  We’re having a contest to see who can shoot this,” he held up the flying monkey, “the farthest.  The best route goes right over your cube.”  He gave me puppy dog eyes.  “You don’t want to ruin my turn, do you?”

Matt was adorable and he knew it.  He had all of the women in the office wrapped around his little finger, myself included.

Writing prompts:  monkey, kindness, panel

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