Thirty Days of Genius – Day Twenty

The laptop snapped closed with definitive click. The restaurant guide I was working on for Seattle was nearly complete. I often said I had the best job in the world. I would go to a new city, eat at the best restaurants, and then write about my experience. Travel, food, and writing–three of my favorite things all wrapped into one fantastic job that I was paid to do.

I tried to integrate everything into my review–the food, the atmosphere, and the nameless element that gave each place its own unique flavor. I wanted to draw the reader into each piece she wrote. I wanted the readers to experience exactly what I experienced, so that even if they never visited the restaurant, they would be able to live vicariously through me. And if they did visit, well, I wanted to ensure they would know what to expect.

Luckily I never really had to write bad reviews. The class of restaurant I reviewed was always outstanding.

Writing prompts: laptop, guide, integrate

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