TQT Edits are Done!

I just sent off the edited manuscript for copyediting! 🎉 Overall, the story did not change significantly. Some scenes were tightened (or expanded!), but overall the plot didn’t change. In fact, I think these are the lightest edits in the whole Rogue Queen series. The word count grew by around 1,200 words. TQT was already the longest book in the series by far and now it’s just a bit longer. :)

I’m glad the story didn’t need major changes because I’m still on deadline for New Shiny and I am B E H I N D. It’s due at the end of the year and it’s going to be close. So if you don’t hear much from me for the next six weeks, that’s why.

Also, how are we possibly six weeks from the end of the year?!?!

I won’t be sad to see 2020 in the rearview, and I’ll certainly be happier once New Shiny is done and sent off. Writing this year has been a bit of a struggle (along with everything else). I hope you all are doing well and staying safe.

Some good news: if you’ve been waiting for the edited book instead of reading the serial, your wait is almost over! TQT comes out three weeks from today!

I know this year has been hard for everyone, so this is a zero pressure sales pitch, but if you’ve been enjoying the serial and have a few bucks to spare, I would love it if you preordered TQT, too. If not, no worries, that’s why I’m posting it for free. 💕

The only difference (besides the editing), is the edited book will have a short epilogue that won’t be posted on the site, and it will include all of the [redacted] scenes, so you get a little bonus for buying the book.

And if you preorder, it’ll show up on your ereader like magic! :)

The Queens Triumph Cover. Queen Samara in battle armor, looking at the viewer, holding a gun in front of a planet with rings.

Available December 8!

Preorder Now:
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(Print books will be available, but closer to/at release.)

10 thoughts on “TQT Edits are Done!”

  1. The book is magic too :) Am looking forward to Midnight on release day when my ereader becomes magical too…..

    Glad you have finished the edits and am sure you New Shiny will be amazing as well.

    Thanks for Samara and Co and this wonderful universe.

  2. I have loved following this serial, thank you very much! I’ll be buying all three Queen books asap, I just need to decide whether I want them in paperback or ebook (or, once I save my pennies, both).

    I also want to thank you very, very much for helping me get through the month+ long election, & then the painfully long wait for the counts. A new chapter would show up just as I couldn’t take one.more.minute of the chaos & uncertainty & I very much appreciated having a really great story to escape into!

  3. Best wishes for the new shiny’s deadline!

    I have enjoyed the Rogue Queen and will be sorry to see the serial end. But, I was even more excited to push the pre-order button for RQ, once it went up.

    Soon, RQ will reside on my kindle and be accessible at all times!!! While 2020 may be a year of small victories, they still matter. :)

  4. Perfectly understandable the year has been rough. This story has been well worth the wait.

    Congrats on finishing the edits.

    Sending good vibes for the new shiny.

  5. This story has been a soothing balm on the year named 2020.

    Ordered this book. Would love to have a collection of all three books.

    Now waiting for 8th December and a view into New Shiny :)

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