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So with the worldwide pandemic, a lot of people are finding themselves at home more than usual (if you can, please stay home and help flatten the curve). In addition to my book recs, I thought I’d recommend some video games. A lot of these can be played co-op, since that’s what Mr. M and I usually play. So find a friend and play together!

Phone/Tablet Games

All of the following are available on iOS, but I’m not sure about other platforms. Links are to the iOS App Store.

A couple of the phone games I play are digital copies of boardgames we like: Ticket to Ride and Pandemic. Ticket to Ride is nice because the game keeps score for you, so you don’t even have to do math. And while Pandemic might be a bit too on the nose right now, it certainly is satisfying when you wipe out the in-game viruses.

When I just need something to fidget with, I play Threes, 2048, or Spider Solitaire. I’ll often play these while Mr. M is watching TV because I can listen to the show and play a game at the same time.

We both also played a lot of Game Dev Story, Grand Prix Story, and Dungeon Village. These single-player games have an interesting interface because I think they were originally for phones with number pads instead of touch screens, but they are super cute if you like building and managing type games.

And if you like Harvest Moon-type games (virtual farming, romancing villagers, exploration), then check out Stardew Valley (also available on PC and game consoles).

PC Games

If you play PC games, these won’t be new, but these are my comfort games.

Stardew Valley is available on PC as well as tablets, but with co-op so you can build your farm with friends. And as far as building/exploring games go, Mr. M and I have spent literally hundreds of hours playing Terraria and Starbound. Both are co-op, so play together! Build yourselves a 2D palace of wonder.

We’ve also been playing a lot of Borderlands 3, which just recently came to Steam if you were waiting out the Epic Store exclusive. I don’t play too many shooters, because I generally prefer swords and sorcery, but BL3 is more of an action-RPG than a straight shooter. Plus the writing is terrific.

Our favorite oldie but goodie is Diablo 3, and we just started playing again for Season 20. We play in Adventure mode now because we’ve played the story so many times. It’s basically click monsters, get loot, and I find it very soothing. Especially because this season I’m playing as a Wizard—not my usual style because I prefer melee builds—but destroying huge swaths of enemies with spells is fun.

Switch Games

We also each have a Nintendo Switch and I’m currently obsessed with Rune Factory 4. It’s not co-op, but Mr. M and I are playing at the same time. It’s like Stardew or Harvest Moon in that you can virtual farm and romance the townsfolk, but you can also go slay monsters and build weapons and armor. It’s super cute and I want to play it all day instead of working. Alas, so far no one wants to pay me to play games.

We also own Stardew Valley on Switch (because of course we do) and the Switch build supports co-op. Yes, we have farms on every system, lol. :)

Need to get in some exercise but don’t want to go to the gym? Try Ring Fit Adventure. It’s not going to replace a heavy lifting routine, but it gets your heart rate up and has a little strength-building with the resistance ring. Plus it masquerades as a game, so it’s more fun than staring at a treadmill screen.

If you play games, what have you been playing lately? Stay safe, friends, and wash your hands!

4 thoughts on “Video Game Recommendations”

  1. I find that Word Stacks (Android) is free and keeps my mind sharp. Sometime I need to look at the board sideways to see the words. You CAN play it with out spending any real money. No end to the word puzzles yet.

  2. I’m back to Playing Sims 4 – I’ve been playing since the original Sims, and it’s fun. I’ve updated all my packs, and they now have an “off the grid” option, as well as very tiny houses, which might be fun. I also am a long time World of Warcraft player, (since vanilla, as we say in-game) and will probably dip my toe back in. Classic WoW is very fun since it takes you back to the days when the game began, and all the modern upgrades are gone. What do you mean I only have 3 pet slots until level 40, haha.

    1. I never got into WoW because I know my weaknesses and I would have been waaaaaay too into it, lol. But when the classic version came out recently, I had fun watching some Twitch streams of people playing. Still so tempting, but someone has to write these books I promised the publisher. 😂

  3. Some fans have put together a sever for return to warhammer on line. It is pretty ok. Am also getting my main caught up on World of Warcraft, I am a couple of years behind and it is a big confusing grindfest. I too am an old timer at the game, logged in on opening day, did not play much that day but did log on.,. My daily dose of Hearthstone gets taken and I spend way to much time on Microsoft Jigsaw, love it, very addictive. I am a 74 year old retired trucker with bad lungs, so isolating is a life style for me and I haven’t really noticed a difference. I play games all day than stay up reading till 3 AM.

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