Virtual Event with Everina Maxwell and Martha Wells

Everina Maxwell, in conversation with Martha Well & Jessie Mihalik. Hosted by Fountain Books. Sunday, Feb 7, 2021 at 2PM ET.

This Sunday, February 7, at 2:00 PM EST, I’ll be joining Martha Wells and Everina Maxwell for a virtual event to celebrate the release of Winter’s Orbit, hosted by Fountain Bookstore!

I’m a huge fan of Martha Wells’s Murderbot series (though I’m dreadfully behind on reading the last couple), and I’ve heard lots of good buzz about Everina Maxwell’s debut, Winter’s Orbit, so it should be a fun event!

You need to sign up for tickets to attend, but the general admission is free. If you can help support Fountain Bookstore by making a purchase, that would be awesome, too! I hope to see you there. :)

4 thoughts on “Virtual Event with Everina Maxwell and Martha Wells”

  1. Jessie, I’m currently savoring my way through TQT. Having followed the blog posts, it’s nice to know what’s coming, so I can take my time with each chapter.
    Something jumped out at me just now – I love how clearly your characters give and request consent. (Obviously there are tons more of the intricacies, adventures, and interactions to adore and go on about, but this is meant to be a quick comment.) As I was reading this scene, I really appreciated how they paused for consent. Like, in other stories, it’s often implied or overlooked, and unless a character is being aggressive, I don’t usually notice one way or the other. Anyways, I thought it was cool, and it made me appreciate your characters even more.

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