XPRIZE Short Story Contest and Free Fiction

The XPRIZE Foundation is running a science fiction short story contest with something for both writers and readers.

Writers can enter short story between 2,000 and 4,000 words about a passenger on a plane that flies through a time wrinkle and comes out twenty years in the future. The deadline is August 25, so check the official rules to see if it’s right for you, then get cracking!

Not a writer? No worries, you can read stories about the plane’s passengers from some of the biggest names in science fiction—for free. Yay! You can get a glimpse at how Margaret Atwood, Bruce Sterling, Hugh Howey, and many others think the world is going to change in the next twenty years.

I’ve written my own little story for the contest. In the exceedingly likely event that it does not win, I’ll put it up for you all to read later this fall. :)

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