You All Are Awesome!

Thank you so much to everyone who emailed about being a beta reader! I thought I might get ten responses or maybe twenty if I really aimed high.

Sixty-one of you replied in the day the post was up. That’s amazing! ?

I’m a data nerd, so I broke people down into two categories: those who followed the directions and those who didn’t. I’m happy to report that fifty-three of you fell into the first category. [Please don’t email me and ask which you were, or ask for a redo, or whatever. Next time, follow the directions. Attention to detail is a good beta quality. :)]

Because I had so many extra people, I upped the number of betas to five. I read every email and picked two people, which was super difficult because you all are incredible, so I let the random number gods decide the other three.

All five have been emailed, so if you haven’t received an email, you didn’t get selected. I’m sorry. This won’t be my last beta call ever, and you’re welcome to try again next time.

I’ve received confirmation emails from three of you, but if your initials are J.F. or A.L., you might want to check your email. :)

7 Replies to “You All Are Awesome!”

  1. Jessie,
    I tried multiple times, but for some reason the Cox server kept rejecting my sends, saying that your e-mail site was “forwarding” the e-mails and thus would not allow the application to be sent. I am sorry to have missed the “cut”, but perhaps next time.

    1. I responded to your other comment, too, but it appeared you were misspelling my last name. :) Also, please let me know if you’d like me to edit out more of your info from your previous comment and I will.

  2. Well, that sucks. I think I can safely assumed I was voided for “not following the rules”. That will teach me for writing 3 short paragraphs instead of two longer ones.

    At least the turnaround time was short, and the application didn’t involve some nasty marketing through a third party. Back to lurking for new posts.

      1. So unlucky then. Gotcha.

        Any suggestions on what you were looking for which took the successful two applicants through, but the rest were missing? I would rather be successful than lucky next time.

        1. There really were a ton of strong candidates; it was humbling, honestly. And only mildly anxiety inducing. ? I truly appreciate the effort you put in!

          The two I picked came down to personal preference. One is a very active commenter who seemed to immediately get the type of feedback I was looking for and the other I liked their email “voice.”

          Sorry, that’s not super helpful, I know, which I why I had to go random to decide the others—it was too close to call between quite a lot of you.

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