Contemporary Romance

A woman whose fiancé dumps her just before the wedding on the advice of his older brother ends up moving in between them into a ten-foot-wide historical “spite house.” She plans to ensure it lives up to the name, but perhaps the older brother isn’t the monster she believed? Maybe she really is just that much of a disaster…

Deftly written and at turns hilarious, emotional, and heartbreaking, every word is like the kindest, gentlest hug to anyone struggling with grief or depression. I loved it!

(Fair warning, Olivia and I are friends, which is why I got to read an early copy, but it is devastatingly good.)

When the tabloids concoct a story that the prince is banging his personal assistant, something needs to change, and fast. Another relationship would be ideal, but the PA isn’t actually dating anyone. Neither is the head of the prince’s protection detail. The two of them have already been spotted together enough that a romance would be believable, if only they agree—and don’t catch feelings.

Easy peasy… right?