A young woman who knows the line between the luxury she has now and the starvation she grew up with is wafer-thin and ever changing uses her magical intuition to ensure she is indispensable to her protector. Unfortunately for her, she draws the interest of the god-like prince of the realm who feeds on pleasure and wants hers. But with her intuition oddly silent, will she be able to keep herself—and her friends—safe?

A young woman with a chronic illness has trained her whole life to become a scribe, right up until her powerful mother declares she’ll be undertaking the dragon rider trials. If she survives, she’ll be one of the most formidable soldiers in the kingdom. If she fails, she dies. The leader of her wing already hates her for the sins of her mother, but she plans to show him and everyone else just what smarts and stubbornness can do.

A fast, fun read with dragons!

A desperate young woman finds an injured man in the forest—one who happens to be a notorious villain. Rather than turning him in, she accepts a job as his assistant. After all, money is money, and she needs more of it, even if she does have to dodge the occasional severed head or flying body. Who says villainy doesn’t pay?