A young woman raised in a library full of sentient books must decide if the wizard who’s come to take her away to face judgement for a death she didn’t mean to commit is as evil as the stories she’s been told, because he seems distressingly kind. And likable.

Even if he has a demon servant.

If you enjoyed Howl’s Moving Castle, check this one out because it gave me similar vibes!

A young woman training to become a Gray Sister—a nun who ensures spirits stay at rest—is forced to use a saint’s relic to defend her convent. But the deadly spirit trapped in the relic nearly overwhelms her and the struggle costs her her freedom. Malicious forces are gathering in the kingdom and an alliance with the very spirit who tried to kill her might be the only way to save it. Dark, haunting, and beautiful.

When a woman inherits her great-uncle’s fortune, she didn’t expect his extended family to attempt to marry her off to a revolting cousin. When she draws an ancient, enchanted sword in an attempt to defend herself, she’s as surprised as anyone when a handsome man emerges from thin air to act as her champion. A delight!