A woman who is desperate for marriage and family—but only one filled with love—must convince the only person she wants that his heart isn’t a frozen as he thinks it is.

Penny has never met a wounded creature she didn’t want to heal and love—and that includes the grumpy, ruthless man next door.

Do you like banter? Then this is the book for you! Hattie embarks on the first year of the rest of her life, plan firmly in hand, and nothing is going to keep her from it—not even a delicious man called Beast.

A woman determined to teach despite fierce resistance meets a bearded mountain of a man, descended from pirates, who calls her cheri, and moves heaven and earth for her. Swoon.

A tipsy bride bolts before her “perfect” wedding and it’s up to the best man to bring her back. Only once he gets caught up in her adventure, he starts to think maybe he’d rather be the groom. But honorable men don’t steal their best friend’s bride, right? Utterly adorable.