An uptown do-gooder won’t let anyone stand in her way, not even a handsome crime lord with a hand in every business in town. But maybe she can persuade him to help her cause… for a price.

A romance between a woman trying to rebuild her life and an AI trying to figure out how to be human. I adored this book!

When a woman who hates and fears the spotlight accidentally goes viral, her bodyguard whisks her off to his family’s farm to hide until the heat dies down. But they can’t hide from their feelings for each other…

I read an ARC of this and loved it so much that I officially blurbed it: “Olivia Dade perfectly captures fandom, love, and acceptance in this incredible, delightful novel. I loved every page!” Out in October 2020!

A woman who is desperate for marriage and family—but only one filled with love—must convince the only person she wants that his heart isn’t a frozen as he thinks it is.