Book Genre: Romance

A young witch with a broken heart and a little too much vodka pretends to curse her ex with bad hair days and a perpetual inability to find his partner’s clitoris. Unfortunately, when he returns nine years later, the curse turns out to be a little more real—and more dangerous—than she expected. Now she and her ex must fix the problem before the whole town is lost to magic—without falling back into bed.

Easy peasy, right?

When a woman inherits her great-uncle’s fortune, she didn’t expect his extended family to attempt to marry her off to a revolting cousin. When she draws an ancient, enchanted sword in an attempt to defend herself, she’s as surprised as anyone when a handsome man emerges from thin air to act as her champion. A delight!

A soft, slow romance between a supersolider who thinks he’s dying and a woman whose incredible brain is worth millions of credits—if it doesn’t kill her. Tons of gentle longing, found family feels, and hope in a harsh, post-apocalyptic world. I loved it!

Full disclosure: The duo behind Kit Rocha and I are friends. :)