Brought to you by iPhone

This post from the Austin airport (major flight delays) courtesy of my fancy new iPhone. I love it. The screen is absolutely amazing and I’m getting used to the keyboard. Recommended, check it out.

SunRocket. Great VOIP Deal Unless…

…you actually want to talk to a person in a reasonable (less than 20 minutes) amount of time. Or you want to make changes to your account, because apparently their system is down… until next Sunday.

That’s right, you can’t make any changes for the next four days. In fact, they can’t even tell you if the change you would like to make will work… because that part is down too.

We wanted to add an additional number, but instead I think we’re just going to cancel and go with Lingo, because dealing with Customer Service has been horrible on every occasion I’ve needed to talk to them.

In short, go with SunRocket if you’re cheap and you don’t plan to ever make any changes to your account or have any questions for Customer Service. Ever.

Site CSS Broken

It seems like the CSS for the site has spontaneously decided to go on strike. We’ll look at it after work tonight, but until then, treat it as a trip down memory lane, back to a time when the web wasn’t pretty. :)