I will be at the following events!

Kit Rocha (aka Bree & Donna) Hanging With Jessie Mihalik

Kit Rocha also known as Bree & Donna, hanging with Jessie Mihalik, Friday May 22, 7PM CST

Friday, May 22 @ 7PM Central

Bree & Donna were kind enough to invite me chat with them to celebrate the release of Chaos Reigning! Come hang out with us and ask questions! We’ll talk about my books, their upcoming book (so good!), writing, games, and whatever else we think of!

The Ripped Bodice Virtual Chat with Jeffe Kennedy

Available now!
The Ripped Bodice Instagram

Jeffe Kennedy was kind enough to invite me to celebrate the launch of The Fiery Crown with her at The Ripped Bodice, but because of everything, the in-person event was canceled. We did a video chat instead, and you can watch it on The Ripped Bodice’s Instagram page (or in the browser if you don’t have an account).

Jeffe also invited me on her First Cup of Coffee podcast for an absolutely delightful interview. She asks such good questions!

The Nebula Conference

May 28 – 31, 2020
Virtual Conference

The Nebula Conference went virtual, but I’m still attending!

Date Night w/ Alyssa Cole

Date Night w/ Alyssa Cole, Nalini Singh, and Jessie Mihalik. A new series featuring faves from Romancelandia chatting books, snacks, lure, and whatever else they feel like! Friday 6/12/2020 @ 6PM.

Friday, June 12 @ 6PM Eastern
Loyalty Bookstores

Alyssa Cole invited me to chat with her and Nalini Singh! I’m a huge fan of both authors, so come see if I can keep the stars out of my eyes long enough to be coherent. :) You’ll need a ticket for the event, but it’s free to sign up!