The Queen’s Advantage Preorder!

It’s here! The Queen’s Advantage is now available for preorder with a release date of July 9!

Edits landed last week. I don’t think they’ll be as major as the TQG edits, but there will definitely be some smoothing, cleaning, and fixing. Thank you all so much for reading, I hope you enjoy the finished novella!

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Apple Books is taking their own sweet time, but I’ll put up the link when I have it. There will be a paperback version, but it won’t be up for preorder. It’ll go up right around release.

If you haven’t finished the rough draft version of the story yet, hop to it, because I’ll be taking it down before the ebook release. :)

The Queen's Advantage Cover

When Queen Samara Rani fulfills the promise she made to Emperor Valentin Kos to visit his court and meet with his advisors, she knows they won’t welcome her with open arms, especially when she’s been tasked with discovering the traitors within their ranks—traitors she tricked out of five million credits.

As soon as Samara begins her investigation it becomes clear that Valentin’s advisors want her gone and they aren’t picky about how. After their tactics turn violent, Samara and Valentin race to unravel the web of treachery and lies before the next attack ends in tragedy.

When the conflict escalates in ferocity and rumors start blaming Samara, she is forced to continue her hunt alone. Uncovering traitors is difficult when courtiers learn to lie before they learn to walk, and one misstep could cost her life. However, Rogue Queens aren’t easy to kill and Samara has more than a few tricks of her own.

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The Spider and Other News

Every few months, a giant spider appears in our living room. Giant is a relative term, and in this case it’s about the size of a quarter, which isn’t exactly a tarantula, but it’s big enough compared to the teensy spiders we usually get.

This spider almost always appears in the same place, right in the middle of our wooden floor, and never, not once, have I ever caught it walking to or from that location. I have no idea where it comes from, how it gets in, or how it crosses five feet of open floor without me noticing.

I also have no idea why it always picks the same place to lie in wait.

I think I’m being hunted by a ninja spider and all of its descendants, bent on revenge.

And now I’ve typed spider enough times that it no longer looks like a real word, so enough of that. :)

In other news, I wrote a little blog post on science fiction romance for Fantasy Cafe’s Women in SF&F Month, so you can mosey over there if you want to read my ramble about why people should be reading cross-genre books.

I also did a back alley book trade with Kit Rocha, where I sent Bree Aurora Blazing and she sent me Deal With The Devil, their first Mercenary Librarians book.

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The Queen’s Advantage: Chapter 14

Part of the serial story The Queen’s Advantage

Two wine glasses with red wine in front of candles.

Junior released Valentin just over an hour after my lunch with Margie. By that time, I had my facts in order. Valentin had returned to his suite to get ready and we were supposed to meet in ten minutes.

He’d been his normal self when we’d linked earlier, and he didn’t seem to hold my failures against me, but nerves still fluttered in my belly. I hated failing, and letting Adams escape had been an epic fuckup. At least I could help with the problem I was here to solve. Hopefully.

Imogen caught me fidgeting and rolled her eyes. “After all you’ve been through, now you’re nervous?”

“I got his soldiers killed and didn’t even catch the person responsible.”

“Neither did the ten other people with you,” Imogen reminded me gently. “I know you think you can do everything, but occasionally let the rest of us take our fair share of the blame.”

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The Queen’s Advantage: Chapter 13

Part of the serial story The Queen’s Advantage

Warehouse fire

Imogen put herself between me and the rest of the Kos soldiers. With the way the past few days had gone, it wasn’t a bad call. I tensed and waited to see if anyone would take the bait.

“You better hope you can spend those credits in the afterlife because that’s where I’ll put you if you try it,” Natalie said quietly. “Queen Rani is an ally of Emperor Kos.”

“Unless she killed him,” a female voice muttered. I only heard it through the helmet speakers, so it must be someone on another team.

“Congratulations, squad. You have Lee to thank for your extra PT this month.”

The other soldiers groaned. “Dammit, Lee, when will you learn to keep your mouth shut,” another woman grumbled. “Maybe we should give you to this Quint asshole.”

“Enough,” Natalie said. “What is the status of the explosives?”

“The building is rigged to blow,” a male voice responded. “He’s not bluffing. We haven’t found the control yet.”

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The Queen’s Advantage: Chapter 12

Part of the serial story The Queen’s Advantage

This chapter includes the beginning of the final fight. If you need something a little more chill after the horrific news out of New Zealand, then feel free to head over to my (slightly updated) recommendations page to find a book that sounds good, and then come back to this when you’re ready.

An hour after Valentin drifted back to sleep and left me with more questions than answers, I received a message from Finlay, the owner of Blind and my newest information source. It was flagged urgent and he claimed to have a lead on Adams. Two soldiers with plasma wounds had been brought to a back-alley doctor yesterday afternoon. That wasn’t so unusual in itself, but no one had seen them before, they spoke with Quint accents, and they were cagey.

That still wouldn’t have been too strange, but when news of the attack hit the wire, Finlay had put two and two together, and had them followed when the doctor released them early this morning. A grainy picture was included that had been cropped to only show a single headshot. Commander Tony Adams wasn’t looking directly at the camera but there was no mistaking his identity.

I transferred a small mountain of credits to Finlay’s identity and told him the other half was coming when his information proved reliable. I asked for any other information he could give me about the squad, location, and surrounding area.

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