Chaos Reigning

Chaos Reigning Placeholder Cover
Part of the Consortium Rebellion series:

Featuring Catarina von Hasenberg and Alexander Sterling. More details to come.

Tentatively scheduled for May 2020!

Since the back cover copy isn't ready yet, here's a teeny tiny snippet. Warning: rough draft, subject to change, etc, etc. :)

I grimaced. “Most of the people at the party see me as a bubbly socialite, not too bright but always fun. Since I’m bringing someone for the first time, I need to be smitten, and that means flirtatious and affectionate, perhaps a little blind that I’m being manipulated.”

“Can you do that?”

Here it was, my final out. I could say no and Bianca’s interference would cease to plague me. I could do exactly as I’d planned from the beginning, but with Alex and Aoife backing me up in case things got hairy.

The word hovered on the tip of my tongue, but the pleading, worried look that Bianca had worn popped into my head.


“Yes, I can do it,” I said with a sigh. The trick would be remembering that no matter how real it seemed, it was only an act on his part. “Let’s try again.”

Alex nodded and prowled toward me. I gave him a flirtatious smile. “Did you miss me?”

He pulled me into a loose embrace. “Yes,” he murmured with just the right hint of heat and longing. After a beat, his expression turned serious. “If I ever make you uncomfortable, and you don’t feel like you can say anything without breaking cover, you only have to tap me twice and I’ll back off. Try it.”

I patted him twice on the chest and he slowly drew away with a teasing grin. It looked completely natural. He was once again putting control back into my hands. Quietly. Effortlessly.

Alexander Sterling was far more dangerous than I’d given him credit for.