Sleep Is For the Weak

So, with the addition of Fable into our Xbox collection, my daily routine has changed from “work, eat, sleep” to “work, eat, play Fable, play Fable, play Fable, oh crap! it’s 2 AM, well… ok, one more second, play Fable…” This has consequently changed the “work” portion of the day into the “sleep” time. So to counteract that, the “work/sleep” time has become the “YAYAYAYAYAY CAFFEINE IS GREAT!” time. Yes, I have everything perfectly under control. jitter twitch jitter

Well, let’s see. Fable. It’s not quite what I was expecting. It’s a lot more linear than I would like, especially after hearing all of the hype. I was hoping for a Morrowind type experience, which is probably why I was disappointed. The other disappointing thing is you can only play through the game as a guy. Not a terrible flaw, but it would’ve been nice to have the option to choose.

The game itself is beautiful. The graphics are well done and the changing of your character’s appearance is a very cool feature. Since I am playing as good, my character’s hair has lightened into blond and now I have a halo and ethereal butterflies hanging around. Dustin is playing as evil and his character’s complexion is turning dark and his horns are sprouting. You also acquire scars when you get hit in battle. After eight hours of play my poor guy is looking pretty sad.

I’ve heard the game is fairly short, by RPG standards, around 10-12 hours. That means I’m looking at about 2-4 more hours before the end. It seems much shorter than that. I really have a hard time believing I’ve played 8 hours already. At least the game seems like it will have high replayability (is that a word? it is now).

Should you buy it? Yes, definitely. Will you become addicted? Yes, definitely.

Evil Plot to Steal Your Money

Evil Plot to Steal Your Money

No, it’s not my evil plot to steal your money, although that would be good too. It’s the plot of the movie, gaming, and anime empire to suck you dry as quickly as possible. It seems that the cosmos have aligned and everyone wants an even larger chunk of your money this month.


If you own an Xbox and you haven’t been living in a hole for the past, oh… say… couple of years, then you have heard of Fable. In fact, it’s only slightly behind Halo2 in the “uber hyped game that isn’t coming out for two years but we want you to want to buy it RIGHT NOW” category. Luckily, Fable does have some experience to back up all the hype–after all, Lionhead Studios is involved and their previous game, Black & White, incorporated some of the basic “good and evil” elements that are such a big part of Fable. Since I’ve been avoiding the hype as much as possible, I can’t actually write a “review” of the game, so you’ll just have to check it out for yourself. Fable is available September 14 and can be pre-ordered from or anywhere else that sells games.


Ah yes, the anime industry. While they continuously try to suck you dry by charging $25 for 3 episodes, this month is even worse. On Tuesday, September 7th, Viz is releasing the first InuYasha movie, Affections Touching Across Time. They are also releasing the first season in a box set which includes episodes 1 – 27 on five DVDs. It’s available in a normal set or a limited edition set with an “InuYasha fang necklace,” which if I see anyone wearing outside of an anime convention, will probably kill me from laughing too hard. You have been warned.

For those of you who were fans of Chrno Crusade, the first US released DVD is coming out September 21, with the name Chrono Crusade. I’m still not sure why they needed the extra “o.” It’s available as a single DVD or with an art box to hold the rest of the series. I’m not sure how many episodes are on the DVD, but with a running time of 100 minutes, it’s either three or four, which means the series is going to be about eight DVDs long. Which, of course, brings us right back to the “wow that’s a lot of money for 24 measly episodes that I already have, and have watched, fansubbed from when it was airing in Japan.”


I’m sure that there are those of you reading this post from your campsite in front of your favorite DVD retailer, just because you are that cool. Well, that and the Star Wars trilogy is coming to DVD this month. Everyone knows that anything Star Wars induces geeks everywhere to give up showering to go camp out somewhere. Well, maybe they’re not really giving up showering–you have to have something to begin with in order to give it up… *grin*  All kidding aside (yes, I was kidding), Star Wars is finally coming out on DVD on the 21st of this month. If you don’t know what Star Wars is, then slowly back away from your computer and run screaming to your nearest geek friend to get educated. If you don’t have any geek friends… well I just feel very, very sorry for you.

That about wraps it up. I’m sure there are plenty of other things coming out that I am going to want to buy, but I decided to stop looking. I mean jeez, I have student loans to pay…

*Many of the links in this post link to Amazon. Yes, I am an Amazon affiliate. Yes, I will get a small amount of money if you click the link and then buy something. Yes, you may be able to find it cheaper elsewhere. Yes, I encourage you to shop around, in fact I recommend for anime (no, I am not an affiliate there). RightStuf looks a little rough, but actually they are totally legit and have pretty good prices, especially check the weekly specials.