Winter is Here (Again)

It’s cold and dreary today in central Texas. Freezing rain is making overpasses dangerous, so if you’re in the area, be careful out there. Yesterday was 70°F and mostly sunny, so I can’t complain too much, but seeing how this is my blog… yes I can. 😂

The cold makes me want to huddle inside and drink hot tea all day, so that’s pretty much the plan. The fantasy romance is over 30k words now, and I’m still having fun with it, so I’ll be trying to make that word count go up this week. Not having a deadline is super nice, but at the end of the day, I still need to get words on the page.

We spent the weekend playing Satisfactory, and we’re almost through all the levels again. If you’re not familiar, it’s a game about building factories on an alien planet to produce widgets for your company. You start with a couple machines gathering a few resources, then you expand as you get better technology.

Last time we played, we absolutely wrecked said alien planet with miles and miles and miles of conveyor belts and pipes running between the resources and the factories. This time, Mr. M decided to use trucks to move supplies, and it worked surprisingly well! They’re finicky to set up, but once they’re going, they’re far better than they were when we played a couple of years ago. And now I don’t have to feel so bad about destroying nature, lol.

You can also tell which factories he built—beautiful, precise, enormous—versus which I built—sort of slapdash, but gets the job done, and takes waaaaaay less time. :)

We also got to drive an Ioniq 5 this weekend, a car we’ve been trying to buy since they opened “reservations.” I’ll spare you the saga, but it’s been over a year, and I’m unhappy with how Hyundai handled the entire process. But the car was lovely! Supposedly they have one that matches our reservation coming in March, so maybe we’ll get a new car this year. At this point, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Now I’m going to make some tea and some words, and I hope that you’re warm and cosy wherever you are!

7 thoughts on “Winter is Here (Again)”

  1. Enjoy the dreary! It’s a little dreary here in Southern California too.
    We just bought the Ioniq after a year of research. We were waiting for the dealers to stop charging $10,000 (!) premiums. Of course, now we lost the federal credit. Also, it will probably take a few years to get through the 1.75 inches in manuals. But we don’t regret the purchase at all. Two years of free charging doesn’t hurt either.

    1. Yeah, our dealer was one a very few that wasn’t charging a markup, but they also weren’t getting any cars, so… 🤷🏻‍♀️. And losing the tax credit definitely hurts. We also lost a free extra year of charging that they were giving to reservation holders, but only until the end of 2022. Much sadness. :(

      But I’m so glad you’re enjoying the car!!

  2. my current obsession is Civ 6. it’s basically all I play on my Steam Deck. >.< hubby was like 'are you going to play X-com 2?' because I got it as a Christmas present.

    we went with a Kia Niro EV. so lux. we got one of the last 2022 before they switched over to producing/selling the 2023. no regrets.

  3. Hmm I feel so behind on the car front, we drive a 2005 Prius. Our previous car was a 1985 Camry, so the Prius felt like all sorts of fancy. AC that works! A CD player! Power windows! In addition to the hybrid features, of course.

    We got a new battery in 2016 and the other day my spouse announced his intention was to get 10 years out of this battery as well. I feel like when we get a new car in 2026 it will be like a Jetsons car or something.

    1. We’re replacing a car we bought in 2008, so a similar age to your Prius. And yes, the new cars we’ve been test driving are filled with tech upgrades big and small. Things like adaptive cruise and power folding mirrors are just so nice, even if they’re not necessary. It will be nice to have them!

      1. I think the thing I want most is the rear view camera to help me park! I still suck at parallel parking, a real disadvantage in San Francisco. Good luck, hope you get your new car soon!

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