A Weekend Off

Yesterday was Memorial Day in the US, which meant Mr M had the day off, giving us a three-day weekend. I decided to take the day off, too, because I needed a break. I’ve been chipping away at the next book, but writing is going slooooow, and while I’ve been trying not to work weekends, I haven’t been super successful.

Three whole days of not thinking about work was amazing. We played video games and read books and finished watching Shadow and Bone (someone please give Jesper a spinoff with ten seasons to do whatever he wants).

We also made bacon and tomato sandwiches with tomatoes Mr M grew in the garden. Some people will ruin this sandwich by turning it into a BLT (my husband included), but no one needs lettuce messing up the sheer perfection of thick bacon and homegrown tomatoes on lightly toasted sourdough.

I’ve eaten this for lunch for three days straight (leftovers are amazing!), and I couldn’t be happier. This is one of my go-to meals for the summer. 10/10 would eat everyday.

But now I’ve eaten all of the tomatoes and the holiday is over, so today I’m back at work. Kind of. It’s still going slowly, but the manuscript is over 42k words, so I’m inching ever onward. I have two months to finish it, which should be enough time if only I could find a bit of motivation.

Hunt the Stars turned out amazing, and I love it even more after edits. Book two is a hot mess. Books generally are, when they’re being written, but this one is more so than usual. My alpha readers tell me that it’s not, but I don’t believe them. 😂

The only way out is through, though, so back to it. Wish me luck! 🤞🏻

7 thoughts on “A Weekend Off”

  1. Patricia Schlorke

    I wish you all the luck with writing. I know of another author duo who are also going through with writing not going well. I wished them all the luck, too.

  2. This year has been really rough for creating, even more so than last year, I think. I’ve been having the worst time, at least, with little signs of things improving, and it really has been the “inching ever onward” for me that’s been keeping me sane; going slow, but at least getting there. May we have better months in store! <3 Also, now that it's June (!!!!), February and that preorder seem so close! Eek!

  3. Good luck with the writing! I am probably in the minority here as I can’t stand tomatoes and also am allergic to them, so I go for a BLA instead- bacon lettuce avocado. But hey, there’s not much to beat home-baked bread and home-grown produce, so bravo and bon appétit!

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