Dear Evan Hansen

This past weekend, my best friend and I took a flash trip to New York City. We did an afternoon of touristy stuff, including Times Square, the Empire State Building, and the Rockefeller Christmas tree. We were not the only tourists in town, because holy moly there were a lot of people.

Saks Fifth Avenue

At one point we were in an unmoving mass of humanity stuck across the street from Saks. At least there were fun lights to look at while we were being slowly crushed to death by the mob.

Finally, one brave soul forged a path out and we followed like lemmings. Freedom!

Rockefeller Tree

We eventually made it to the Rockefeller tree, which was spectacular. I didn’t know you could get that many lights on a single tree.

For reference to how big it is, look at the building behind or the people standing underneath it. Yeah, those tiny blobs at the bottom are people. :)

We had a lot of fun, crowds notwithstanding, but highlight of the trip was the Broadway show. I like musicals, but I don’t go out of my way to see them, so I left the show selection to my BFF who is a huge fan.

Best. Decision. Ever.

Dear Evan Hansen

She picked Dear Evan Hansen, and it was incredible. It’s easily the best show I’ve seen this year and near the top of best ever.

The cast was stellar, the music was awesome, and the story was both funny and heart-wrenching. I think half the theater was crying by the end.

I don’t know if the show is traveling or not, but if it comes anywhere near you and you even mildly like musicals, you should go. If you happen to be in NYC with a bit of free time, you should go. If neither of those are true, then check out the soundtrack. :)

4 thoughts on “Dear Evan Hansen”

  1. So sorry wasn’t able to meet you for a 15-second hi-bye! You came during our 2 weeks of Christmas (as opposed to that of Thanksgiving) gridlock. Zillions of tourists from near and far come to not only shop and check out the stores’Christmas displays, but also to skate at Rockefeller Center (right below where that gorgeous tree is) and go to Bway shows, as you did. (Of course, Midtown Manhattan is pretty much crowded all day, every day. Gurk.) Glad you and your friend had a great time.

    1. Next time I’m in town with a bit more time, I’ll do a meetup. :) This time, we were on the ground for less than twenty hours, so it was fun but hectic. According to my phone, we walked over ten miles. 😱

      1. No worries, and no obligations. :0) I promise I wasn’t kidding about the 15-second hi-bye.

        Less than 20 hours? Yikes; you must’ve been exhausted not only from the travel but also the walking. The sidewalks (and streets) are very unforgiving, but you lucked out with the “mild” weather. It can get quite windy frigid here, and we’ve been hovering between low-mid 30s to mid 50s days. Hope you didn’t get very soggy as we did get some rain this past weekend.

  2. This tree is huuuuge *.*
    Seems you had a lot of fun, that’s great ! Christmas is the best time of the year :p For my part, I can’t wait to get home to see family and friends again :)

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