Rest Week

Release week is over, so I’m resting this week, which mostly means I’m not writing prose. Instead, I’m writing code, lol. But it’s a different sort of creativity, and it works well to give my brain a break while still being a little bit productive. If everything works correctly (ha!) then this post will auto-post to Twitter and Bluesky, since that was my project this week.

If it doesn’t, then I’ll try to figure out what happened. :)

Lest you think it’s all work around here, I’ve also been binging various C-dramas on Netflix. I watched all of Love O2O and really enjoyed it, then I bounced around through a few that didn’t quite capture my attention before landing on The King’s Avatar, where I’m five-ish episodes in. But I’m still looking for more things to watch, so if you have any favorite shows, drop me some recs in the comments!

Other than that, I’ve been playing Diablo and hiding from the brutal Texas heat. We’re supposed to finally be getting some relief as the heat dome moves on over the next few days, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

I’ll probably be a little quiet for a week or two as I take some time to recharge, but thanks again for making release week fabulous, and I hope you all are enjoying the book! 💕

4 thoughts on “Rest Week”

  1. Patricia Schlorke

    Enjoy the downtime. I think all of us in Texas are hiding from the brutal heat and humidity.
    I told a friend of mine, who lives in Atlanta, that we are shoving the high pressure system towards her. 😂

  2. It’s been cooler than usual where I am which, looking at Texas, I’m really not going to complain about!

    I am deep in the Korean manhwa hole. I Shall Master This Family (a woman is reborn as her younger self and uses her knowledge to save her family), Saving My Sweetheart (a very romance-y title for what’s honestly more of a deeply fascinating fantasy story involving a false prophet and trying to prevent a kingdom-destroying war), Villains Are Destined to Die (a woman wakes up in a dating sim – on hard mode as the villain)…. basically I’m devouring everything on the various apps and then running up against the fact that they’re all serialized so I have to wait a week (at least) between new episodes.

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