Why is it that…

…IKEA is the only place smart enough to put four casters on shopping carts instead of two? Being able to slide your cart sideways (and spin it in a circle, and push it forward at a 45 degree angle) is awesome! You’d think someone else would have figured this out by now, but maybe they think the average customer isn’t up to the task of handling a cart that can move easily in any direction. Wouldn’t want to convenience anyone, now would we?

Seriously though, you should check it out if you have an IKEA nearby. The novelty just doesn’t get old. :)

2 thoughts on “Why is it that…”

  1. The novelty wears off quickly when you’ve got a cart full of heavy furniture and are trying to cart it down their sidewalk that slopes to one side while simultaneously trying to keep 4 kids in check :) That’s when the old-style carts would come in handy.
    Not that normal shopping carts ever roll straight anyway!

  2. My favorite trick is to spin the cart for a 180 or even the full 360 while still continuing through the store. If I were a kid I would beg to ride in a cart like this. Seems like it’d be much more fun than the regular ones.

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