The Queen’s Triumph

Queen Samara Rani knows that attending a meeting set by a traitor is never a good idea, but it’s also the only time she’ll be within striking distance of her enemies. And if Commander Adams is not stopped, he will ruin the tentative peace between the Kos Empire and the Quint Confederacy—and Samara’s chance at future with Emperor Valentin Kos.

The Queen’s Triumph is a space opera novella set in the same universe as The Queen’s Gambit and The Queen’s Advantage.

If you didn’t read TQG or TQA, you’ll be missing a lot of backstory and world-building. You can probably follow along, but it’ll be more fun if you read the previous two novellas first.

The Rogue Queen universe is not the same universe as The Consortium Rebellions series. :)

Table of Contents