The Queen’s Triumph

The Queen’s Triumph serial is over!

Thank you so much to everyone who read along! If you’d like to keep a copy of the story, an updated and revised ebook is available now!

Rogue Queen Book 3

Queen Samara Rani knows she’s likely walking into a trap, but agreeing to meet with Commander Adams is the fastest way to get within striking distance of the Quint Confederacy’s biggest traitor and her sworn enemy. Adams attacked her home and destroyed her ship, and if he’s not stopped, he will ruin the tentative peace between the Kos Empire and the Quint Confederacy—and Samara’s chance at future with Emperor Valentin Kos.

Samara is determined to serve up some well-deserved payback, but she is no longer a lone assassin, and despite her protests, her friends and allies refuse to let her undertake such a perilous mission without them. Even Valentin, usually the voice of reason, refuses to stay behind. Samara is loath to put her friends in danger, and taking a team carries its own risks, so she makes plans to keep them safe, no matter what the cost.

When Adams threatens that safety, and everything she holds dear, Samara vows to show him exactly how she earned her deadly reputation—and why one should never cross the Rogue Queen.

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The Queen’s Triumph is a space opera novella that continues Samara and Valentin’s story from The Queen’s Gambit and The Queen’s Advantage.

If you didn’t read TQG or TQA, you’ll be missing a lot of backstory and world-building. You can probably follow along, but it’ll be more satisfying if you read the previous two novellas first.

The Rogue Queen universe is separate from The Consortium Rebellion universe. :)

Completed: Yes
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