The Queen’s Advantage

When Queen Samara Rani travels to the Kos Empire to repay her debt to Emperor Valentin Kos, she knows his advisors will loathe her presence. She tricked his traitorous advisors out of five million credits, and even his most loyal advisors have no use for the queen of rogues and scoundrels.

True to form, Valentin’s advisors want Samara gone, and they aren’t picky about how. When their tactics turn violent, Samara and Valentin race to unravel the web of treachery and lies in Valentin’s court before the next attack ends in tragedy.

The evidence points to a traitor feeding information to the Quint Confederacy, but finding traitors is not an easy task when courtiers learn to lie before they learn to walk. To track down the traitor, Samara must delve deep into the underbelly of a court who wants her dead.

Good thing she came prepared to fight.

The Queen’s Advantage is a science fiction romance novella that is the sequel to The Queen’s Gambit. I’ll be posting it in a serial format, with new installments each week, starting around December 14.

Table of Contents