New House, New Office

After weeks of work and prep, we finally moved yesterday! It took all day and was exhausting, but we are now in our new house. Woohoo!

We put the bed together first, because we needed a place to sleep, but after that we worked on getting the office into a useable state. When we started, it was just a pile of boxes so deep we couldn’t get to the desks, but we ended up with this:

(Notice how all of the remaining boxes are conveniently out of frame. 😉)

We still need some art on the walls, but that will come after we’ve found the rest of the house, which is just a pile of boxes right now. Priorities, I has them. :)

Updates and Other News

Hello, friends, it’s been a while! Can someone please explain how it’s already November? I seem to have blinked and missed all of October. Aurora Blazing has been out for over a month and it both seems like no time at all and an eternity since the release.

A couple weekends ago I handed north to Dallas for the Buns & Roses Romance Tea for Literacy and had a lovely time meeting all of the readers at my table and everyone who came to the signing afterwards. Thank you all so much!

This amazing quilt was one of the things they raffled off for charity. I felt so bad signing it because my signature looks like a five-year-old drew it. I blame Mr. Mihalik, because I had a nice easy to write last name before we were married. Now it’s all a heap of loops that turns into a mountain range. Err… at least it’s unique? 😅

Alisha Rai gave the Buns & Roses keynote, and it was one of the best speeches I’ve seen. If you get a chance to see her speak—GO! Overall, the event raised over $26,000 for the Richardson Adult Literacy Center, which is incredible. Thank you to everyone who made it possible!

In new house news, the floors are in, and we’re in the middle of cleaning and packing our old house. It’s been an ordeal and there is still an overwhelming amount of work left to do, but I can see the end. Maybe, in the far distance. :)

The new floors looks great, though. Here is a picture of my future office. I can’t wait to be moved!

In work news, I’m behind on everything. I haven’t written anything in ages and I’m not even sure I remember how to write. I still need to pitch a new series, do edits for CR, and write Rogue Queen 3. I’m hoping to start posting the serial version of that last one by the end of the year, but it’s going to be closer to Christmas than Thanksgiving. Like a lot closer. In fact, expect Santa to deliver it. 😂

I have seen the cover for Chaos Reigning and it’s fabulous! I can’t wait until I can share it! I’m also getting close to nailing down the cover for RQ3, so that should be good to go once I figure out what the actual story is going to be. :)

I hope you all are doing well and enjoying the fall weather. And if you’re doing NaNoWriMo, good luck! I’m cheering for you!

Interview with Shelf Addiction

Thank you so much for making Aurora Blazing’s release week awesome! I loved hearing from everyone and I’m so glad you’re enjoying the book! It’s always a bit stressful putting a book out into the world for others to judge, but you’ve all been extremely kind. :)

To answer a frequent question: yes, Chaos Reigning will be the final book in The Consortium Rebellion trilogy. Harper Voyager bought three books and my contract is complete at book three. They are indicating they would like to continue working with me (yay!), but on a new series.

For them, it’s a business decision, because unless you are a superstar author, readership falls off for every book in a series, and some readers won’t read a series at all unless it is complete. (Spoiler: I am not a superstar.)

So, while I do have more stories to tell in the Consortium universe, I will very likely work on a new series next, then come back afterwards and add another Consortium arc, probably another trilogy. These may end up being self-published unless the series unexpectedly takes off. But for now, book three will be the final book, and it nicely ties up the series (if I do say so myself 😉), so you won’t be dangling from a cliff waiting for the next arc.

And now that I wrote a novel when I meant to write a paragraph, on to the main topic: my interview with Shelf Addiction! Tamara was kind enough to invite me to be a guest on her podcast to talk about Polaris Rising, Aurora Blazing, and writing in general.

Shelf Addiction Podcast presents Book Chat interview with author Jessie Mihalik. Episode 289.

We recorded it a few weeks ago, so sometimes I get my timeline mixed up, but I had such a nice time! And it was my first podcast interview ever!

Hopefully I don’t sound as nervous as I was. 😅

Thank you so much to Tamara and Shelf Addiction for having me on! You can download it in a podcast app, listen on their site, or listen below. Maybe. If I can get it working. :)

Aurora Blazing is Here!!

Celebrate the first day of October with a new book! Aurora Blazing is out in the world today! Happy reading!

Thank you so much to everyone who made this book possible, including everyone who read the first book, the incredible team at Harper Voyager, and my lovely agent. I still can’t believe that I get to make up stories for a living. :)

I hope you all enjoy Bianca and Ian’s story! And book three comes out in May, so not too long to wait. :)

Still need to pick up a copy? You have options!
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Aurora Blazing Cover

To save her brother and protect her family’s future, a powerful princess must join forces with a dashing man from her past in this thrilling space adventure, the second novel in the Consortium Rebellion trilogy.

As the dutiful daughter of High House von Hasenberg, Bianca set aside her personal feelings and agreed to a political match arranged by her family, only to end up trapped in a loveless, miserable marriage. When her husband unexpectedly dies, Bianca vows never to wed again. Newly independent, she secretly uses her wealth and influence to save other women stuck in dire circumstances. Information is power and Bianca has a network of allies and spies that would be the envy of the ’verse—if anyone knew about it.

When her family’s House is mysteriously attacked, Bianca’s oldest brother, the heir to House von Hasenberg, disappears. Fearful for her brother’s life, the headstrong Bianca defies her father and leaves Earth to save him. Ian Bishop, the director of House von Hasenberg security—and Bianca’s first love—is ordered to find and retrieve the rebellious woman.

Ian is the last man Bianca wants to see. To evade capture, she leads him on a merry chase across the universe. But when their paths finally collide, she knows she must persuade him to help her. Bianca will do anything to save her sibling, even if it means spending time alone on a small ship with the handsome, infuriating man who once broke her heart.

As the search takes them deep into rival House Rockhurst territory, Bianca must decide if she can trust Ian with the one piece of information that could destroy her completely . . .

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