Eclipse the Moon Chapter One!

"Compelling, steamy, and impossible to put down…" —Kit Rocha, NYT bestselling author, on Hunt the Stars. Preorder ECLIPSE THE MOON now, out July 12, 2022!

I’m still deep in deadline hell, but I’m popping up to let you know that Barnes & Noble is running a 25% off sale on preorders. Sadly, HarperCollins ebooks are excluded, but if you’re looking to preorder the print or audio version of Eclipse the Moon, you can grab it for a bargain from Barnes & Noble for the next couple of days (April 20-22) with code PREORDER25.

To celebrate (and because I’ve done so little promo because I’ve been frantically trying to write), I also posted the first chapter over on the book page. I recommend reading it AFTER you’ve read Hunt the Stars, but you do you. :)

And if you’d like to preorder from a different store, I have those handy links right here, too!

Preorder now:
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Happy reading!

Deadlines and Video Games

Book three was supposed to be turned in a month from today, but I am behind. It turns out, 2021 broke me a little bit. I turned in book two a week early, but it took a ridiculous sprint to the finish that saw me working long days for over a month straight.

In an ongoing pandemic that was already very stressful.

Looking back at the second half of last year, I was flirting with burnout, though I was loath to admit it. I kept pushing, trying to write book three, and it kept not working, and so I pushed harder, and it worked less, and everything was miserable.

Now, here we are, a month from the deadline, and I’m just under a third through the book. That is Not Great(tm)!! But my lovely agent has already been in contact with my editor for an extension, and it’s the biggest one I’ve ever asked for—two months. Luckily, the schedule had some wiggle room in it, so my new deadline is June. I will remain mostly absent as I work to hit the new date, but I’ll be on Twitter more than the blog.

And I’ve had two good writing days this week, so I think I’m finally getting into the swing of the book after nearly a month of banging my head against a wall. So yay! 🎉

In an attempt to be kinder to myself, I’ve been taking a little bit of time in the evening to play some new games, and I’ve found a couple of gems.

The first new game is Wylde Flowers and it’s an iOS game in Apple Arcade. It’s sort of a simpler version of a Stardew Valley-type game, but with ✨magic✨. It’s beautiful, inclusive, and has truly excellent voice acting. I’ve spent a lot of hours fixing up my farm and getting to know my neighbors. And now I have a chicken! She’s named Pluckers and she’s the best. 💕

The second game is Core Keeper, an early-access game on Steam. It’s co-op, so Mr. M and I are playing together, and if you like Terraria-type games, you should check it out because the gameplay is very similar. It’s been pretty stable so far, even though it’s technically in alpha, and we’ve played over ten hours. Mr. M has a little farm, and I’ve set up a crafting room, so if you’ve ever wondered if video games mirror real life, the answer is yes.

What about you? Have you played any good games lately?

Virtual Author Talk with St. Mary’s County Library

Virtual Author Talk with Jessie Mihalik

Next week, on Wednesday, March 9 at 6PM CST, I’m doing a virtual talk with St. Mary’s County Library about writing, the Consortium Rebellion books, and Hunt the Stars! It’s a Zoom webinar, so you’ll need to register (it’s free!) and spaces are limited. If you’re not a St. Mary’s County Library patron, just leave the library card number part blank on your registration and it’ll go through. :)

We’ll talk about a range of things, then there will be time at the end for a Q&A, so bring your burning questions. I’m writing the third Starlight’s Shadow book right now, so maybe I’ll let some highly classified information slip about who the main couple is going to be. ;)

I hope to see you there!

Romancing the Vote Ends Today!

Signed / personalized copies of Polaris Rising, Aurora Blazing, Chaos Reigning, and Hunt the Stars, plus a bookmark, stickers, and a button.

The Romancing the Vote auction ends TONIGHT at 8PM CST, so get your bids in! There are still some very affordable buy it now items, as well as a plethora of books, crafts, chats, and more, so go snipe something you want… FOR DEMOCRACY! :)

The auction for my books has reached a truly incredible amount, so as a thank you to the generous bidder, I’m also including a signed ARC of Eclipse the Moon, to be delivered once I get them. SURPRISE! 🎉 (In the unlikely event that I don’t get any physical ARCs, I’ll send an e-ARC and a signed copy of the final book.)

I was going to keep it a surprise, but I decided that telling people might raise even more money for democracy, so here you go. I’ll find some other secret surprise to add. 😉

Now I’m off to write for a bit until it’s time to guard my winning bids like the dragon that I am. Stay back, I’m very scary. Rawr!

Romancing the Vote Auction

Signed / personalized copies of Polaris Rising, Aurora Blazing, Chaos Reigning, and Hunt the Stars, plus a bookmark, stickers, and a button.

Remember when Romancelandia (and adjacent fans!) helped saved democracy? Well, the mega, democracy-saving auction to end all auctions is BACK, and there’s more great stuff than ever! Romancing the Vote is raising money for Stacey Abrams’ organization, Fair Fight, and to support the right of every person for safe and easy access to fair voting.

I donated a set of signed books, including Hunt the Stars, Polaris Rising, Aurora Blazing, and Chaos Reigning! That’s right, all of my trad books, signed, personalized, and shipped straight to your door, EVEN IF YOU ARE INTERNATIONAL. International fans, this is a rare chance to grab my signed books, so help us save democracy and get rewarded. :)

Now, I’m working against my own self-interest in letting you know about the auction, because I have my eye on quite a few things, and I will cut you if you outbid me. Metaphorically. Maybe. 😈🗡

You think I’m joking, but the team made up a whole set of graphics because last time, the bidding got fierce:

All's fair in love and bidding wars. Bid early. Bid often. Save voting rights. auction.romancingthevote.com

So bid early, bid often, and stay away from everything I want. 😉