All of the Chaos Reigning Preorder Bonus Info in One Place… Finally :)

First, today (May 14) is the last day to enter to win an ARC, so head over to the giveaway post before midnight!

If you’ve preorder CR, I want to give you some goodies as a thank you, while supplies last!

Print Preorder Bonus! A picture of the four different bookplate designs as well as the button and bookmark. While supplies last, at participating bookstores.

If you want a print book, then I recommend buying from The Ripped Bodice (five left as of Tuesday), Love’s Sweet Arrow, or Mysterious Galaxy (new yesterday!).

Not only will you be supporting an independent bookstore, you’ll also get a bookmark, button, and signed bookplate (while supplies last). If you want a signed book, this is going to be your only option until the world is safer.

Ebook Preorder Bonus! Get a bookmark, sticker, and note. While supplies last.

If you’ve preordered an ebook, a print book from another store, or requested that your library buy a copy of CR, then I’ll send you a sticker and bookmark along with a (very) brief note, while supplies last. I have supplies to send about sixty of these, and it’s open to US and international readers as long as you live in one of the 190 countries that support USPS First Class Mail.

Because I have no idea how many of you are going to respond, here is how I’m going to do it: you don’t have to send me proof of your preorder/library purchase request, but if you do, you’ll move into the verified line, and I’ll send out swag to the verified people first.

So if 20 people verify, I’ll send them swag first, even if 50 non-verified people responded faster. Then I’ll send the remaining swag to the 40 non-verified people, in a first come, first served order. If 80 people are verified, the first 60 will get swag in first come, first served order.

Clear as mud? Excellent. :)

To claim, send me an email at mihalikwrites at gmaildotcom with the subject Preorder Bonus. If you want to send proof, then include a screenshot of the order/library purchase request page or forward the order email (feel free to redact personal info), whatever is easiest. Also include your name and address. All emails must be received by May 18 at 11:59PM CDT, but I wouldn’t wait if I were you. :)

I’ll start sending out swag in the middle of next week based on the plan above, and I will eventually respond to everyone via email (so you know whether to check your mailbox or not), but it won’t be until I start sending stuff. If I hit sixty verified people super fast, I’ll update the post.

And if you still need to preorder, I’ve got you. :)

The Ripped Bodice | Love’s Sweet Arrow | Mysterious Galaxy
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Apple Books | Kobo | Google Play | IndieBound

We’re just five days from release! 😱🥰🎉

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