Aurora Blazing ARC Winners and Chapter Two!

Thank you so much to everyone who entered to win an ARC of Aurora Blazing! I read all of your comments and loved seeing how you spent your summer/winter. :)

I can’t believe we’re less than a month away from release! Just four weeks from tomorrow! Ahhh! I’ve updated the site’s main page with a countdown timer, so you can see exactly how long you have left to wait. :)

And because so many of you entered, I snagged a couple of extra ARCs from the shipment Voyager sent me for the signing (shhhh!), so I’m giving away five copies!

Without further ado, here are the five winners, chosen by random number. Please check the links to ensure you’re the right person, because some of you had the same name. :)

#7 – Johanna M Dobbs
#59 – Maria
#138 – Mel
#112 – Jeanette
#67 – Mary Sterling-Torretti

WINNERS: Send me an email at [MY_LAST_NAME]writes @ with the subject ARC Winner. Replace [MY_LAST_NAME] with my actual last name. :) Or you can use the contact form.

If you didn’t win, take heart, I’ve got something for you, too: you can read Chapter Two right now over on the book page! And if you’re in the US, you have one more chance to win a copy on Goodreads, courtesy of my publisher.

Also, Polaris Rising, is on sale this month for $1.99, so if you don’t already own it, you can snag it for a deal!

And if you’re excited about AB, now is an excellent time to get your preorder in. :)

Aurora Blazing Cover

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4 thoughts on “Aurora Blazing ARC Winners and Chapter Two!”

  1. *Sob* So close….

    Seriously though, congrats to the winners. Counting down the days until I can purchase and read it.

    I recently reread Polaris Rising. Debating if I should sneak in another reread before AB releases… My heart says yes, but my giant TBR of other books says what about us?

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