Happy Leap Day!

This week has been a lot, so I’m not entirely sure I’m happy to have an extra day of February, but here we are. The month decided to end on a bang: this week, a friend suffered a loss, and a family member had a health scare, so fingers crossed that March will calm the eff down.

If you’re seeing this on the blog, you might notice the header image has changed. The last one was a little space specific, and now that I’m branching into fantasy, it needed an update. It will probably change again (as my mood changes, lol), but it’s good enough for now. Don’t worry if you don’t see it yet, caching can take a while to refresh.

I finally have the draft contract for Silver and Blood, so it’s edging ever closer to being a book. Publishing moves at the speed of frozen molasses, but it does eventually move. Most of the time. 😂

Book two is started, though not by a lot. It follows so closely on the heels of book one, that I’m sort of half waiting for edits before getting too far in. If I have to change the end of the first book, then it will definitely affect what I’m writing now. But I’m also trying to get a head start so I don’t burn myself in deadline hell this fall. It’s a delicate balance. :)

I also have edits for Books & Broadswords coming soon-ish, so I’ll have plenty of things to keep me busy. I started poking at a new sci-fi idea—two actually—but that’s kind of how my brain works. As soon as I’m supposed to do something, everything else looks so much better. It’s why I refuse to join book clubs: the very moment reading becomes homework, I will refuse to do it.

It’s chilly and gray out today, which hits especially hard when it was sunny and 90°F two days ago. Though, I wouldn’t mind if the rest of the ninety-degree days held off until July.

A girl can hope. :)

But at least it’s the perfect day for potato soup. Mmm, soup. I hope you’re enjoying your extra day!

11 thoughts on “Happy Leap Day!”

  1. I agree it has been a MONTH!
    I love your books and am very excited about the new one, I just pre-ordered. June can not come soon enough as I will be reading it on my Rhine River cruise!

  2. Happy leap day! I made curried cream of carrot soup last night, perfect for the foggy rainy day we have today in SF. So excited to hear you new books in the works. Currently re-reading Hunt the Stars for the nth time!

  3. Sending best wishes that March is markedly improved for you and especially for your friend and your family member.

    Congratulations on your draft contract for Silver and Blood and for getting started on its sequel. May the edits for Silver and Blood as well as for Books & Broadswords be straightforward and go smoothly.

    Sorry for the leap day naysayers. I’m a fan since it’s my only natal day every 4 years. 😆 I shall remain ageless. 🤪

  4. You need a different type of book club. I belong to one that is mostly SF & Fantasy. The meetings start with “What have you been reading?” and we go around the table talking about what we read and if we would recommend it. We even loan other members personal books if they have an interest. They eventually get returned.

  5. So happy to hear about Silver and Blood, congratulations! I will be preordering multiple copies for friends, family and of course, for ourselves :)

    Is an audiobook version perhaps also in the cards?

    Love the new header image on the blog. Nicely done.

    1. I haven’t heard anything yet about an audiobook for S&B, as we’re still far too early in the process for it, but I would be extremely surprised if there wasn’t one. :)

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