Hunt the Stars Edits

Edits for Hunt the Stars landed on Wednesday, which means I’ll be quieter than usual as I work on polishing the book. Or maybe I’ll be less quiet as I work on procrastinating. Could go either way, lol.

Selling a book on proposal is an interesting experience. The first book I sold, Polaris Rising, was completely finished, and editors read it before deciding whether they wanted it or not. They knew exactly what they were getting.

Once you are a little established and your books are doing okay, your editor no longer expects you to write a whole book before they buy it because publishing works on very long timelines, typically more than a year.

So authors write a proposal. It’s an overview of the next book, and the series, if applicable, that gives the editor a general idea of where the book is going and if they’ll be interested in acquiring it. Some proposals are super in-depth.

Mine was not.

Since I’m not a plotter by nature, my proposal involved some general ideas, a high-level blurb, and part of the first chapter. So my editor sort of knew what she was getting, but only very generally, which made turning in the finished book a bit nerve-racking. AB and CR were a little of the same, but at least they had an established world to build on. A new book series is a blank slate.

But luckily, my editor loved it, and didn’t ask for her money back, so we’re all good. 🎉😂 Now I just have to shine it up and then get back to writing book two. Happy Friday!

P.S. I’m still planning on sending out the newsletter I promised last post, I’m just waiting on Bookshop to update with HtS, so it’ll probably be Monday. Most of the other stores have both paper and e-books available for preorder now. Come on, Bookshop, you can do it!

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