Hunt the Stars Preorder Bonuses + Snippet!

It’s 2022! Happy New Year! 🎉

And that means that we are less than a month away from the release of Hunt the Stars! Don’t mind me, I’ll just be over here breathing in a bag, lol.

But the ever-approaching release date means that I am putting all of the preorder bonus information in one place so it’s easy to find. And I have bonuses for both preorders and library requests, so read on to find out what you get (and how to get it). :)

First and foremost: SIGNED BOOKS! I’ve partnered with three independent bookstores to bring you signed books or signed bookplates. These preorders will also include a bookmark and stickers. Behold!

Hunt the Stars Preorder Bonus! Signed book / bookplate, bookmark, stickers, and bonus prequel story! Available Feb 1, 2022, preorder now.

In addition to the bookmark and stickers:

  • If you order from Copper Dog Books, you will received a signed and personalized bookplate.
  • If you order from Mysterious Galaxy, you will receive a signed bookplate (no personalization).
  • If you order from BookPeople, I’ll sign the book directly (including personalization), so you won’t get a bookplate.

All of this is while supplies last, so get those preorders in, and PLEASE READ THE ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY! Some of the sites require you to add notes to the order, so read the instructions. :)

Don’t worry if signed books aren’t for you. Anyone who preorders HTS—whether digital, physical, or a library purchase request—is eligible for a bonus story!

It was supposed to be a short story, but it ballooned into a 10,000-word novelette. It’s a prequel story, set just before HTS starts. If you’ve wondered why Tavi was in dire enough financial straights to consider taking a job from her mortal enemy, now you can find out!

So if you’ve preordered HTS or requested it from your library (including anyone who preordered the signed books), please submit your proof of preorder or library request here, and I’ll send you a link to the story during release week.

I may put the story up for sale later this year, but it’ll be a preorder exclusive for at least a few months. :)

And if you haven’t preordered yet, your time is now! Don’t miss out because time moves somehow at both the speed of light and a snail’s pace—Feb 1 will be here before you know it.

Preorder now!
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And since you’ve made it this far, how about a little snippet as a reward. 💕

I looked at each of them. “I will not tolerate insults and fighting on my ship. If you have an issue, come to me. If you want to spar, that’s fine, but you will take appropriate precautions to prevent injuries. You won’t duke it out like meatheads in a bar fight. Next time, I won’t be so lenient. Am I clear?”

One by one, they nodded. The Valoffs had the slightly distant look they got when they were communicating. Their expressions remained impossible to read, but I didn’t see any open mutiny. Kee and Eli both looked abashed, but they didn’t argue about the punishment. They were my family, but they knew that a captain had to run the ship, and they’d fucked up.

“Clear out. I’ll send an alert when dinner is ready. I don’t want to see any of you again until then.” I glanced at Kee and Havil. “Let me know if these two are more hurt than they let on.”

They nodded, and the room slowly cleared. The plas blade packed a punch, and both Eli and Varro moved with careful deliberation. They nodded warily at each other on their way out the door. They weren’t bosom buddies by any stretch, but their shared pain bonded them in that strange way common to soldiers. I set a reminder to check on them both in thirty minutes. I didn’t want them in pain just because they were too proud to ask for help.

I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh. This was going to be a very long trip.

“You were reckless. You could’ve been hurt,” Torran said from directly behind me.

I nearly jumped out of my skin. I thought he’d left with the others, and I hadn’t heard him move at all. I spun and my already tender right knee send a bolt of pain lancing through my leg. I gritted my teeth against the urge to curse. And the urge to tell him exactly where he could shove his commentary.

Torran took one look at my face and his brows drew together. “You are hurt.”

“Just an old injury acting up from when I landed wrong. Did you need something, General? Perhaps you’d like to undermine my authority again?”

Torran’s eyes went distant then cleared. “Havil will look at it once he’s done with the other two. And I did no such thing.”

I waved off the offer. “There’s nothing to look at. And you did.”

“Havil will look at it,” he repeated, voice firm.

I rolled my eyes, but I didn’t have the energy to fight him about it. He was a client. If he wanted his medic to look me over, then I could spare the five minutes it would take for Havil to find nothing wrong that ice and time wouldn’t fix.

“Would you have preferred for me to let Varro hit you?” Torran asked, genuine curiosity in his eyes.

“No,” I said honestly. “I appreciate that I won’t have a bruised shoulder. But then I gave you an order and you argued with me. If you don’t respect me, your team won’t either.”

Torran’s mouth flattened. He looked like he would like to argue again, but finally he dipped his chin in acknowledgment. “You are right. I apologize. I will ensure that my team understands that my failure should not be emulated.”

Preorder now!
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6 thoughts on “Hunt the Stars Preorder Bonuses + Snippet!”

  1. I find it funny that I’m listening to Die Hard the Hunter by Def Leppard while reading the snippet. Very appropriate for Torran and his team. 🤭😁

  2. Hi
    I’ve just pre-ordered but I can’t use your Amazon link as it’s for the USA site and I have to buy via Amazon Australia

    Will you still Register the pre-order done today?


    1. You don’t need to use my link, you just need to submit proof of preorder (like a screenshot of your invoice) on the linked form. You are welcome to order wherever. :)

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