I Survived the Half Marathon!

Today was the half marathon I’ve been (sort of) training for. It’s not my first half, so my training maybe wasn’t as good as it should have been, but I finished it!

My stretch goal was to finish in less than three hours and I came in at 2:57:47. I just squeaked under the line. :)

Also, I sort of forgot that racing involves getting up at the crack of dawn. Hello, 5:20 AM, it’s been a while. I ran with two friends and it wasn’t too bad until we hit mile ten or so. After that, it was a slog to the end.

Me with my finisher medal But look at this shiny, shiny medal! Yay!

Now I plan to take over the couch and spend the day watching the Olympics and doing nothing more strenuous than changing channels or flipping pages in a book. :)

12 thoughts on “I Survived the Half Marathon!”

  1. Bravo!! Congratulations!!! Better start working on the full marathon training now. You won’t have time after you hit the NYT bestseller list.

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