The Queen’s Gambit: What’s Next?

Part of the serial story The Queen’s Gambit
Thank you so much to everyone who joined me on this journey. As a new author, I didn’t know what to expect, but you all have been amazing. I loved reading your comments as the story unfolded. :)

Thank you once again to my volunteer betas: Regina Brandt, Alex Curran, Julie Ferm, Amanda Larson, and Liv W. These brave souls helped make the final chapters stronger, and I appreciate their help so, so much.

So, what’s next? Now the novella will go through several rounds of edits to polish it from rough draft to final draft. After that, it will be posted up as an e-novella at your favorite retailers.

I hope to have the preorder links up in a month or so, and the book available late spring/early summer. If you enjoyed the novella, I would love it if you decided to pre-order it. :)

I’m writing PR 2 now, and I expect second-round edits for Polaris Rising to land soon. Because of my other deadlines, the Queen’s Gambit 2 will most likely start in the fall. It will continue to follow Samara and Valentin’s adventures.

I’m going to leave the novella up for now, probably until the ebook is released, so if you know anyone who might enjoy reading it, send them my way!

And thank you all so much, once again, for being so supportive of my first foray into being a professional author. :)

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17 thoughts on “The Queen’s Gambit: What’s Next?”

  1. I’ll but the e-book versions, but if you ever publish dead tree versions, I am old school. I love to curl up with a real book.
    I buy both forms of books that I like to read more than once. Reading a book I enjoyed in the past is a lot like having an old friend stop by for tea and cookies.

      1. That would be fantastic!!! Still a hard copy gal so it would be most appreciated. And thanks for a great ending to a great story — it was just as you promised!! Looking forward to your next publications — blog or hardcopy!!

  2. I sincerely hope that you continue with this series! I truly enjoy your writing style. You may be a “new author,” but your writing certainly doesn’t reflect any inexperience. I will definitely be buying any books you publish. **grown up Carla**
    Yayyyyyyy! A new favorite author!!! Woot woot!
    **real Carla**

  3. Thank you and cannot wait! But I will. Pre-orders will be done and am glad that I found you.
    Am glad for e-reader version since my eyes are not what they used to be. I too love hard copies since I love books but the reality is, when you age, your body goes downhill too. Sometimes life just sucks but reading the “Gambit” was a bright spot in what has been a pretty dreadful 2 months.
    Hugs from Canada

  4. Thanks Jessie. I’ve really enjoyed Queens Gambit and look forward to buying it when it is released. I’m looking forward to fall and the new installment too. As for Polaris Rising – I’m just pissed off that I can’t preorder yet :-)

  5. Congratulations! You finished a marathon and published a novella conclusion in the same week. That is all kinds of wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your talent.

  6. I don’t usually read serials but this was so worth it! Thanks for a wonderful read. I look forward to purchasing your writing as it comes out and to add a new author to my “favorites” list.

  7. I didn’t read TQG weekly so only now just read through the whole thing (I’m up way past my bed time to finish) and it was amazing, I really enjoyed it although would have preferred a more grumpy ending between the two of them so the next book could start angsty! but hey that’s just me as I like the angst to take time to become something more.

    Will definitely buy the e-book when it comes out! Thank you for an excellent story – oh and I’m seriously jonesing for PR after the snippets you put up last summer! Can’t believe its still next year :o( good things come to those who wait I guess.

    1. I’m a romantic at heart, so I generally write happy endings. That said, it won’t be all smooth sailing for Samara and Valentin next novella. :)

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