I’m Donnnnne!

The edits on the romantic fantasy are off to my agent, as well as a blurb for both books, a synopsis, and a “mood board” which I’ve never made before, but here we are.

That means with the exception of a few possible tweaks, my part of this process is done for now, so I can play video games all weekend and not worry about it. In the next few weeks, my agent will review the edits, then start working on a submission package to see if anyone wants to buy it. Fingers crossed!

Since I made this mood board, would you like to see it? How about it along with the tiniest little snippet I shared on social media today for the #FridayKiss prompt?

If the answer is no, too bad, this is my blog and I can do what I want. ;)


A collage of several images reflecting a fantasy setting with spooky castles, pretty dresses, a wolf, a rose, a sexy couple, and a library.

Fun fact: while most of these photos are from a stock site, one of them is mine. 👀

The #FridayKiss prompt was “bed” this week, which is why I finally jumped in with a snippet:

Garrick’s expression shimmered with heat and hunger as he lowered his head toward mine. All thoughts of putting space between us vanished. I wanted him closer.

I lifted my arms to pull him down, but he stilled and tipped his head to the side. “Why is there a dagger in the bed?”

Mwahahahaha. Why is there a dagger in the bed? Because I’m evil, that’s why. And a little loopy from jumping straight from finishing edits to writing blurbs and a synopsis.

Now I’m off to play Baldur’s Gate 3, or maybe I’ll break down and install Starfield this weekend. Or—hear me out—why not both? :) Have a good weekend!

16 thoughts on “I’m Donnnnne!”

  1. 🤐 This is me not saying why there’s a dagger in the bed. My mind went down the to explicit for TV road. I’m blaming work for my thought process right now. 😉
    Enjoy your weekend and time away from book stuff.

  2. Congratulations! I hope it gets scooped up right away!!
    Those are some great pics – impressive that one is yours! For fun, my guess is the grand staircase.
    Enjoy your downtime!!

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