Incredible Book Bundle for a Good Cause!

23 Authors. 42 Books. Pay what you can for a good cause.

As some of you may know, I’ve become friends with Bree and Donna (the duo behind Kit Rocha). They’ve been incredibly kind and generous as I learn to navigate this wild world of being an author.

This week, Donna got some bad news and needs emergency surgery, which is awful anytime, but especially awful during the holidays. In order to help defray the costs, Bree put together an INCREDIBLE pay-what-you-can book bundle.

42 Books.

23 Authors.

Starting at just $10.

If you can only give $10, you’re helping out and getting an amazing deal. If you can give more, you’re STILL getting an amazing deal, and you’re helping Donna tell her left boob to fuck off (really). Just don’t wait too long, because this is a limited-time offer.

Some of my very favorite authors are included in this bundle and I’m so happy I could be a tiny part of it. I mean, just look at this list!!

The Queen’s Gambit is included, so if you’ve been meaning to pick it up, now you can get it and 41 other awesome books for one ridiculous price. The hardest part for me is going to be deciding which book to read first.

Thank you for helping out, and please share!

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  1. Thank you for caring. I have donated to the “the kick boob cancer butt’s project” and am happy to do so. There are 2 things that sometimes make me want to check out early: dementia (and all it’s iterations) and bad cancer. I hope I am never faced with that choice but I have up close and personal knowledge of Alzheimer’s. I will not hang around to that bitter end if I have the choice.
    Breast cancer is also something that I cannot understand. Why are we (women) hammered with that awful disease all the time? I just do not know.
    Please let us know how your friend makes out. I care.
    On a lighter note, I love your writing (both series) and am waiting somewhat impatiently for Chaos Reigning. 2 days before my birthday..whoo hoooo! Awesome stories.

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