So Proud!!

A man in a red kayak on a wide river with a large metal bridge and the MO capitol building in the background.
This great pic thanks to my sister-in-law!

My brother pedaled and paddled his way across the entire state of Missouri this week, and I’m so proud of him! He completed the MR340, a race on the Missouri River that starts in Kansas City and ends in St. Charles, and he not only finished, but he also finished fourth in his division!

Did you know some kayaks have pedal drives? I didn’t until this week, lol.

If you’ve read Eclipse the Moon, you might’ve noticed that I dedicated the book to my “favorite brother,” which is something of a running joke between us since he’s my only sibling. I’m also his favorite sister (most of the time 😂), and I couldn’t be more proud of him.

Fantastic job, baby bro! 🎉

6 thoughts on “So Proud!!”

  1. Patricia Schlorke

    Oh wow! I use to live in Missouri on the St. Louis side of the state. At least it was on the Missouri and not on the Mississippi River. 🛶😉

  2. That is really impressive. Congrats to your brother on coming in 4th. I’d never heard of pedal driven kayaks. Now I kinda wanna look into trying one.

  3. Congrats bro! We have the same joke in our family. I’m the only girl so I refer to myself as “your favorite sister” and “your favorite daughter”. ;)

    1. My bro and I vie for “favorite child” (playfully), but Mom is onto us and calls us her favorite daughter and favorite son, lol. Glad to know its universal between siblings!

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