Eclipse the Moon Spoiler Discussion

If you’ve already read Eclipse the Moon and want to discuss it, this post is for you! Spoilers ARE allowed, so if you haven’t read it yet, you may want to hold off on scrolling down.

You’re welcome to ask me questions, and I’ll do my best to answer. It feels like I wrote this book an age ago (or maybe I just aged a lot this year 😂), but I’m still pretty sure I remember what I wrote… maybe. ;)

For real, though, I love Kee and Varro, and I hope you loved them, too!

Last chance to turn back before spoiler town.


Spoilers ahead.

Okay, everyone who is left, have at it! 🎉 And thank you all so much for your support! 💕

16 thoughts on “Eclipse the Moon Spoiler Discussion”

  1. this book didn’t go at all the direction I thought it would!!! it’s always so interesting to see the stories unfold!

    I was kind of hoping to hear that the fashion show minions helped Kee dye her hair rainbow again. missed opportunity on her part haha

    if it’s true that Varro shields differently from other Valoffs why would he be reluctant to share how he does it with Kee? it could be something that makes her stronger or saves her life, which he’s definitely in favor of. I hope we see more of this explained in a short story or book 3. *crosses fingers.

    obviously Lexi and Nilo are book 3, but can we get an Eli/crew bonus/short story? I’m curious to read about a Valoff female with human male/female/x just because all of Starlight’s Shadow is human female with Valoff male. or even Valoff male with human male.

    basically what I’m saying is, I support your artistic vision, want more, and am happy with whatever comes my way ;) just do it faster XD Ilona Andrews released like 3 books one year and I still wanted moooooore. yes, I’m supremely greedy – you can call me Luna :K

    1. I think the conversation you’re talking about happens when Varro is still very concerned that he’s going to accidentally breach Kee’s mental shields. It’s not that he doesn’t want to help, it’s that he doesn’t want to hurt, if that makes sense. And his shielding is advanced even for a Valoff, so the way it works wouldn’t really help Kee who would need extremely good base shields to even begin to shield like Varro.

      You’ll get a little more Eli and crew in book three. :) I’m not going to commit to a short story because writing has been a slog this year, but if I get inspired, it’s possible because there are some interesting dynamics there that would be fun to explore.

      1. ah I missed that. maybe if I reread it’ll be clearer to me. I thought of it more like ‘Kee’s brain functions differently, maybe Varro’s method would be more successful.’ where it sounds more like Varro is actually advanced level and Kee is still working on the basic level.

        well if Eli/crew can’t get their own book(s) I’ll just have to hold out for an anthology you participate in. *crosses fingers. ;)

        thanks again for creating such an interesting world!

  2. Hi everyone,
    I loved the book, finished it in a day :). And for the most part I think it was perfect! I´m happy that entire book wasn´t on Bastion, I was worried we wouldn´t get to see much of the crew. I loved seeing how Tavi and Torrans relationship has solidified on we were back on Starlight. That being I really wished we could have gotten more on the Eli/Anya/Havil/Chira situation. I want all the details! I also want to know what Chiras ability is! Speaking of Chira, her debut performace as a telekentic was really funny to hear about second hand, I want more about her in general. Also the human whose name starts with D (I listened to the audiobook and would probably butcher her name if I tried to spell it) that we meet on Bastion, I want to see more of her. And since we are going to Valovia again maybe we will finally get to mee the smuggler friend of Torrans. Also I kind of want the empress dead at this point.
    Questions that I have now, if the Empress has at least 4 children, why is Cien her heir?
    Will we get to meet the other three children in book 3?
    Also, will we get told why Lexi is so anti telepathy?
    And, Chiras ability, is she also super scary?
    I will probably think of more later, I always have way to many questions. This is a rambling mess

    1. There’s a bit more Eli/et al in book three. Devora is the woman on the space station. She’s a side character, so her task has been fulfilled.

      1. Cien is the oldest child of the empress’s oldest child, so he’s the future heir.
      2. Nope. :)
      3. Yes, obliquely, if I remember correctly.
      4. Probably a safe assumption. :)

  3. Commenting on ShadowKat’s comments: Kee’s hair as it is now – faded to pastel- matched the dress perfectly. If they had redyed her hair to bright rainbow it wouldn’t have gone with the dress. I think that Varro was reluctant to share with Kee about his abilities because humans really dislike the fact that Valoffs can read their minds, and Varro has that ability in spades. He didn’t want to scare her off if she thought/knew that he could read her mind even through her shields. I sort of got the impression that he was somewhat embarrassed about his abilities even with other Valoffs

  4. Patricia Schlorke

    I can relate to Kee so much. When I get really angry tears start to flow. Kee is a lot smarter than anyone realizes, and it’s refreshing that she stands up to Eli when he told her to be realistic.
    Varro…oh my. He takes his promise to protect Kee seriously. Even when Kee ignores him, Varro knows exactly where to find her. Plus, Varro in a suit…*fans face* 😁😍

  5. I really liked how both Varro and Kee developed as persons. Varro realized that Kee actually trusted him. Kee realized how strong she really is by the end of the book. I see her becoming much more confident in herself, while Varro becomes more confident in believing what Kee tells him about himself and his abilities.

    I thought the misunderstandings Varro had about Kee’s comprehension of his language were very realistic. (Kee had the language/vocabulary but not the cultural background so they had not necessarily been communicating the same message to each other)

  6. Okay so first, loved the book :). I’m a big fan of the Sunshine and Grumpy combo.

    A couple of questions:
    1. Early on in the book, Kee meets Havil and Varro in the garden and Havil asks Kee to talk to Varro because he is in pain and won’t let Havil help. I believe this pain was briefly referenced again once or twice, or at least it was mentioned that Kee thought Varro was in pain. Was this ever explained? I feel like this mysterious pain was never addressed but maybe I just missed it.
    2. When can I get my grubby hands on book 3 😁?
    3. Will this series be a trilogy or are you planning more than 3 books?

    I loved the consortium trilogy, but so far Hunt the Stars and Eclipse the Moon are blowing that one out of the water. Looking forward to more!!!

    1. 1. Monica is basically right! Varro was keeping himself locked down pretty tightly so his shields wouldn’t falter, and he was also miserable thinking his affection wasn’t returned, so it was a combo. :)
      2. Spring 2023! I believe it’s on the schedule for May, but that could change. Preorders will probably go up late next month.
      3. Voyager bought three books, so it’s a trilogy for now. But I did do a tiny bit of sequel baiting in book three, so we’ll see!

  7. I loved this book! Finished it way to soon.
    I hope they catch Morten and fry his a$$. Loved Varro and Kee. Can’t wait for Lexi and Nilo.

  8. Loved “Eclipse the Moon”.
    I simply started with a reread of book 1 and went straight to book 2. (I realized that I had not retained enough of “Hunt the Stars”, so it was pretty necessary.) The tight timeline made that a better plan than I had anticipated.
    I really like your characters. Alas, I seldom enjoy a story where I cannot like *somebody*, and you gave me a whole book full!
    Thank you a whole bunch!

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