The Taming of the Tea Cabinet

For the past six months or so, I’ve been working my way through the various teas we already own and forcing myself not to buy replacements. I have favorites, and if I buy more of them, they’re all I’ll drink.

And the tea cabinet desperately needed to be cleaned out. There’s a photo in this ancient post, that was taken at our previous house, six years ago, and some of the tea in that picture was still in the current cabinet.

Drastic measures had to be taken.

And while I’m absolutely aware of the sunk cost fallacy, I can’t throw away perfectly good tea that I paid money for, even if I would rather drink something else. Logic has no place here, lol.

I’ve made great progress, emptying four tins, several boxes, and—as of today—a tea sampler that had been in the cabinet for far too long, taking up too much space. Most of the teas have ranged from okay to delicious, but the sampler was on the bottom end of that scale. One tea tasted like alfalfa, and today’s green is very, very grassy. Delicious for some, but not my favorite.

Earl Gray was one of the surprise winners for me. I wasn’t sure I liked Earl Gray tea, but it turns out, I do! Paris, by Harney & Sons, was another favorite, which I already knew, but I finished off the last of our sachets as a reward for working through some of the other teas.

Today the heat index is going to be close to 100°F (~38°C), so the time for hot tea is rapidly drawing to a close. Luckily, a few of the teas I have left will make nice iced tea, so the tea taming train will continue for a while longer.

Even if Harney & Sons sent me an email today about a 20% off sale. Must stay strong, must stay strong… 😂

Do you have something you have too much of and can’t seem to get rid of?

22 thoughts on “The Taming of the Tea Cabinet”

  1. Patricia Schlorke

    Fabric. I had a lot if yarn, but I either got rid of it or made afghans.

    Thanks to Texas heat, I buy 100% cotton batik fabric. It’s expensive so I buy it on sale when I can. I have so much of it now, I can’t make it all up in one time. I have to sew what I’ve cut out because I plan to move later this year. Once that’s done all the fabric will get put into storage boxes for later sewing binges. 🤦‍♀️

    1. Oooh, I sympathize. I got rid of so much fabric when we moved. I had the best intentions to do something with it, but our new house doesn’t have enough closet storage, so it had to go. Gave it to a friend’s mom, who I hope enjoyed it!

      1. It all started in 1976 when I got a second job at House of Fabrics to supplement my low school library wages. I needed to buy books but I got a discount for fabric. Thus started my addiction to buy more fabric than I can sew.

  2. I have a massive quantity of nailpolish. I love all the sparkly colors and cremes I’ve collected. Even when they start to get thick and toward the end of their life I have a hard time getting rid of them since most are limited edition colors that I won’t be able to buy again. Like I have a beautiful sky blue that has a hint of periwinkle, called Dreams Need Clara-fication from OPI, that I can’t bring myself to finish off since I can’t buy anymore. Also all my nailpolish doesn’t stop me from seeing beautiful colors online and buying more 😁 I hope all the tea drinking goes well and your able to find more ice tea flavors you like. I’m personally a herbal tea drinker and I love the selection from Big Heart Teas.

    1. I totally understand! I had so many teas with just a little bit left because I couldn’t quite bring myself to finish it, because then I wouldn’t have it, and that would be a tragedy. 😂😭

  3. My husband and I love to buy the local liquor when we travel, but then don’t actually drink it when we return home. We have a full cabinet of liquor, gathering dust, and obviously need to throw a huge party.

    1. I have too much yarn and not enough time to knit. I’m trying to finish the entire box off somehow this year so I can buy some cool new yarn that I don’t have space for.

  4. Books. If I did not have access to and work in a Public Library, I would be very broke. But I do work in a Public Library, so I have access to books for free. I still do buy books from certain authors and try to stick to stick to e-books for now.

    1. Yeah, I’ve switched to 99% ebooks because my bookshelves are all double-stacked, and that’s after we did a major cull during the move. Also, libraries are the best!! 😍

    2. Patricia Schlorke

      I hear you about books. When I was little, my mom could have had a library with all the books she had at home. My dad built a bookcase with wide pieces of wood (which you can’t get anymore). My mom had so many books, the bookcase sagged in the middle. My books were on the bottom shelf.

      She had the original cover of Dune, Shogun, and other books that now have new covers.

      All my books I read now are on ebook format. It helps when I read James Clavell’s Shogun. 😎

  5. I also have too many teas!
    I have several great recommendations if you want them…. Once you clear the cabinet of course.

    1. I love recommendations, but I can’t be tempted right now. I’m so close to victory, I just have to keep going. Then I can BUY ALL THE TEA and start the whole process over, lol.

  6. Dianne Richardson

    A cumulation of other peoples things. My mother was a keeper nut, she kept everything. Avon bottles, old dishes, McDonald glasses from 50 years ago. Old clothes and quilting pieces. I have boxes and boxes of things. My kids care nothing for that type of stuff so I am left trying to find someone who would want it. It is very depressing.

    1. :hugs: That’s tough. Maybe you can use Marie Kondo’s “does it spark joy?” question to help. Your mom loved it, but does it spark joy for you? If not, perhaps donating or auctioning it would be the best option for your own mental health. Wishing you the best!

  7. I had to laugh as I read your post as I am trying to do the same thing. So much tea that has been there for too long. I, however, succumbed to some free shipping from Republic of Tea and bought more of a new tea that I like. I have about 8 teas that I absolutely love and others that I tolerate. I actually dumped a cup down the sink yesterday when I tried a sample pack. I also have a lot of books and too much fabric. At least with that I can make quilts as gifts for lots of new babies.

  8. Well, my daughter and I share your Harney and son’s tea addiction. Don’t think I’m going to give that one up any time soon. (and don’t you love those little 5 bag samplers they have?)

  9. I started to acquire too many books, so I now only buy e-books. If I find myself constantly re-reading them, I buy the physical copies as well. Never know when the power will go out!

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