Thirty Days of Genius – A Writing Exercise

With NaNo coming up fast, I’ve found myself with a lack of ideas (though a “sequel” to my as-yet-unfinished novel from last year is always possible).  To try to alleviate this problem, I’ve decided to do a little writing exercise for the next thirty days.

I’ve randomly wrote out 105 people, places, things, etc on slips of paper.  Why 105?  Well that’s how many fit after I made the boxes.  Plus it gives me a few I can veto if I decide I don’t like them.  Every day for the next thirty days I’m going to choose three and start writing.

Some days it’ll probably be little more than a paragraph; others it’ll be a more coherent story.  Most won’t make a lot of sense because it’s essentially going to be a brain dump.  None will be genius, but the idea is to get my brain back into the habit of daily writing before I take on 50,000 words in November.

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