Vacations and Edits

It’s been quiet around here lately because we just got back from visiting Ms T, my BFF, for two weeks in southern California, which was absolutely lovely. Mr M and I worked during the week, then we did mini-vacations on the weekends. Ms T’s neighborhood had a pool, which meant we got to swim nearly every day after work, so that was awesome.

My magical fantasy romance is now over 18k words and sort of going in an unexpected direction, but I’m still having fun, so I’m rolling with it.

The first weekend in CA, we went to San Diego for a day at the zoo and beaches, then a day at the Miramar Air Show. I can’t remember the last time I went to an air show, but this one was fantastic! It probably helped that Ms T bought us the fancy tickets with reserved seats right in center field and food and a bar. Win win win!

The air show headliners were the Blue Angels, the Navy’s fancy flying group, and they must have nerves of steel, because they flew real close to each other. It was super impressive. Here’s an animated gif as an example. I made it from a video, and I’m not putting it on the page directly because the file is pretty big, but it’s worth the click. :)

Four jets crossing the frame toward each other against a blue sky.
Five jets flying side-by-side as they do a loop in a very blue sky.

Because I spent the day staring at the sky, I sunburned my lips. They are usually protected by the wide-brimmed hat I wear nearly everywhere outdoors, but looking up negated the hat’s shade. Remember to wear SPF lip gloss, future air show goers!

Last weekend, we went to Joshua Tree National Park. Deserts aren’t usually my thing, but it was beautiful. We did it all—sunset, stars, and sunrise—which made for a long but fun weekend. Ms T also convinced us to climb a mountain. It might have been a trail with almost 1000ft of vertical elevation gain, but it certainly felt like a mountain. 😂

A silhouetted joshua tree at dawn.
A silhouetted joshua tree at sunset.

Mr M and I took Monday off and went to check out the ocean. Despite all assurances to the contrary, it was freezing cold. Like literal* ice could’ve been floating in it. (*Okay okay, pedants, figurative ice.) We didn’t swim, but we did wade and sit on the beach and watch the surfers, most—but not all—of whom were wearing wetsuits. I salute you, brave wetsuitless surfers; you’re made of sterner stuff than I am.

A selfie of me and Mr M on Huntington Beach Pier with the ocean and the beach in the background.

Then, in an incredible stroke of good timing, edits for Capture the Sun landed in my inbox this morning. My editor absolutely loved it, so I’m relieved. I’ll be editing it for the next few weeks, then we’ll see what happens, because it’s almost time to think about what’s next and what that looks like.

But for now, to the editing cave!

4 thoughts on “Vacations and Edits”

  1. I saw the Blue Angels practice over the Joint Reseve Base in Fort Worth. My eyes got really big as they flew close to each other. The nice part was I was in a Walmart parking lot when they were practicing.
    Glad you and Mr. M got a nice vacation in California.
    Yay for editing Capture the Sun! I know it’s a pain for you. However, it will be nice to read the book. I have it pre-ordered. 😄

  2. Those Joshua trees just made me miss my grandma SO MUCH. My mom is from the High Desert in CA, and I was born there before we moved to my dad’s home state of Minnesota. (Mom suffered a bit of climate shock those first few years, lol!) I don’t think I could live in the desert year round, but that was an absolute highlight of my childhood was going out to visit Gramps and Grandma over Christmas every few years. Thank you for sharing those gorgeous pictures!

  3. We get the Blue Angels here in San Francisco during Fleet Week…and oh my is it loud. I haven’t gone to watch in some years, but can definitely hear them overhead. Sometimes it seems like they must be right on top of my house!

    Yay for Capture the Sun edits! I checked the site the other day to find out when it’s coming out and almost whimpered. So long to wait! Glad you got some vacation in. Would love to hear more about your ongoing project when you are ready.

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