Book Tag: Sloooooow Burn

A young woman raised in a library full of sentient books must decide if the wizard who’s come to take her away to face judgement for a death she didn’t mean to commit is as evil as the stories she’s been told, because he seems distressingly kind. And likable.

Even if he has a demon servant.

If you enjoyed Howl’s Moving Castle, check this one out because it gave me similar vibes!

When a woman inherits her great-uncle’s fortune, she didn’t expect his extended family to attempt to marry her off to a revolting cousin. When she draws an ancient, enchanted sword in an attempt to defend herself, she’s as surprised as anyone when a handsome man emerges from thin air to act as her champion. A delight!

A soft, slow romance between a supersolider who thinks he’s dying and a woman whose incredible brain is worth millions of credits—if it doesn’t kill her. Tons of gentle longing, found family feels, and hope in a harsh, post-apocalyptic world. I loved it!

Full disclosure: The duo behind Kit Rocha and I are friends. :)