A Couple of Housekeeping Things

First of all, there’s a typo at the end of Hunt the Stars that says book two is coming out in July 2023. That’s wrong! Eclipse the Moon is out in July 2022, aka THIS YEAR! The ebooks are getting updated, but the print books are just going to be wrong until the next printing, so let your friends know. You only have to wait five-ish months, not a year and a half.

Secondly, a reader let me know that the Australian pricing of the Kindle book dropped from $20+ to a much more reasonable $12.99. I don’t know what was going on there, but I’m happy it’s fixed. Hopefully it was fixed before preorders were charged. 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Thank you all for the release week love! I’m so happy people are reading and enjoying HTS. Launching a book is always a little stressful, and a new series makes it even more so, but you all made this week fun!

Today I’m hunkered down in the office with a space heater because we had an ice storm roll through last night. Everyone is having flashbacks to Snowpocalypse, but so far, it looks like the power grid isn’t going to have another meltdown, so let’s hope it stays that way.

A view out my back door, showing deck, trees, and green onions (still alive!) all coated in a layer of ice.

The ice is much prettier when you don’t have to worry about driving on it, lol. And look at those green onions, still trying to hold on despite the fact that it’s February. The tall stalks next to them were basil that got a little out of control. Mr M already has tomatoes started, so soon it’ll be time to clear everything out for the new season.

But maybe we’ll wait until the ice melts. ;)

8 thoughts on “A Couple of Housekeeping Things”

  1. I’m finishing Hunt for the Stars. Oh my. Can’t wait to read the next book.

    Glad that you and Mr M are ok. I live in Fort Worth. We got everything, including snow, from this storm. When I prepared for this storm, I got looked at very funny. I was prepared just in case electricity was cut. Last year was horrible for many. I just put on my winter gear and kept going without electricity. Again, I got looked at very funny. I tell people that I’m not originally from Texas. I’m originally from Missouri. Southern Missouri, an hour south of St. Louis. I also lived in Oklahoma for a few years. So, I know what to do in crazy weather. Stay safe everyone.

  2. I pre-ordered Hunt the Stars, so the order went through automatically and was delivered to my Kindle on publication day. The price was correct at $A12.99, thank goodness!

  3. Thanks Jessie – I purchased in Aus on Kobo and they’d charged me the full $22.99 but it’s now showing as $12.99 and the are currently refunding the difference (although I had to ask them to do it!).

    Which will be put towards Eclipse the Stars! So excited to have two so close together.

  4. I was just in a FB group lamenting the 2023 release date when they said it was 2022. They sent me a pic of Amazon saying 2022. I sent a pic of my print book. lol I’m glad it was a misprint!

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