Capture the Sun Chapter Two!

Nilo groaned and heaved himself onto his elbow so he could peer down at me.
"You're dangerous."

"I warned you," I said with a laugh. "It's not my fault that you didn't listen."

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Out June 20, 2023

We’re less than three months away from the release of Capture the Sun, which means it’s time to celebrate! If you head over to the book page, you’ll find a shiny new chapter waiting for you!

Every time I revisit parts of the book, I’m reminded of just how much I love Lexi and Nilo together. She’s prickly, he’s charming, and I adore them both as they stab their way to happiness. This book also wraps up the trilogy arc, so if you’ve been patiently waiting for some much deserved comeuppance for certain characters, your time is nigh (no spoilers!). :)

If you haven’t preordered yet, now is a great time. It’s like a gift to future you! And if you order from BookPeople, you’ll get a signed/personalized book, plus a bookmark and stickers, while supplies last!

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If preorders aren’t your jam, please consider requesting it from your local library. Many libraries allow patrons to make purchase requests, and often they’ll put you first in line for if/when they buy the book, so wins all around! Plus using your local library shows there is demand, which can help them keep funding, and we certainly need all the libraries we can get right now.

Libraries are the best! I’m reading Bitter Medicine by Mia Tsai from my local library right now, and it’s absolutely lovely. I stayed up reading way, way too late last night, and I left the characters in a precarious situation, so I’m desperate to get back to it tonight.

On that note, I’m off to make some words, since despite my best efforts, this book refuses to write itself. It would be so much easier if it would just jump from my brain, fully formed, like a literary Athena. Wouldn’t that be great? Ooh, maybe I could write that story.

Authorial truth: Nothing ever looks shinier than a new project while deep in the middle of a current project. :)

4 thoughts on “Capture the Sun Chapter Two!”

  1. Does it help you if I donate my books by you to my local library? The last time I checked, they only had your first book (that is how I got hooked on you.) I have bought your other books. Does it hurt your sales if I donate your books to my local library?

    1. I’m so glad you found me through a library! 😍 Some libraries will put donated books into circulation and some will put them into a Friends of the Library-type fundraiser sale.

      Either way, you’re helping out the library or other patrons, so please don’t worry about my sales. You bought the books (thank you!), which means I’ve already been paid, and you can do whatever you’d like with them! :)

  2. Nilo wasn’t there when Tavi did her Valoff aura trick during the first meeting at her ship. I wonder what color his aura is… will we see in the book?

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