Capture the Sun

Thank You!

A photo of me at BookPeople holding up a copy of Capture the Sun

Thanks to everyone who celebrated Capture the Sun‘s release with me this week! 🎉🎉🎉

Release weeks are always a little stressful, and this one was no exception, but seeing everyone’s excitement makes it all worthwhile. 😍

I signed the BookPeople preorders on Tuesday, so hopefully those will be going out soon, if they haven’t already, and I have an in-person event on Sunday at 7PM, so if you’re local to Austin, come see me!

Jessie Mihalik, speaking and signing CAPTURE THE SUN. June 25 at 7PM at BookPeople in Austin.

I’m not expecting a big crowd, so we can hang out and chat and you can ask all your burning questions about books, Diablo IV, or why it’s so darn hot here this week, and I’ll do my very best to answer or at least make up an entertaining story. :)

I’ll also bring the last of my stickers and bookmarks for people who get books signed at the event!

After Sunday, I’ll be done with release stuff, and I plan to lay on my couch and stare at the ceiling for a day or two to recover, lol. After that, I might work on Chira’s story and see if I can get it unstuck. Yesterday, I reread what I have so far and it’s good, if a little angsty. So! Many! Emotions!

My fantasy romance is with my agent, so once she looks it over, I’ll know more about what I should do there. It’ll likely need an edit before it goes out on submission to publishers, if that’s what we decide to do, otherwise it’ll need an edit before I self-pub it. Then I’ll have to write the second book. So many ideas, so little time.

But it was nice to have a release week where I’m not on deadline. 🥰

If you’re not going to be able to make the BookPeople event, and you want to ask questions, there’s a spoiler/discussion thread. Please don’t drop spoilers in the comments anywhere else, since I know a lot of people haven’t been able to read yet.

Have a great weekend, and I hope I’ll see some of you soon!

Capture the Sun Discussion / Spoiler Thread

If you’ve already read Capture the Sun, then you’re in the right place if you want to talk about it or ask me questions. If you haven’t, go get yourself a copy then come back, because spoilers ARE ALLOWED in this thread.

Capture the Sun Cover, featuring a man and woman in silhouette against a fiery orange sun with a futuristic city in the background.

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If you keep scrolling, you will see spoilers.

Turn back now.

Last chance.

Okay, if you’re still here, then discuss away!

Capture the Sun is here!

Capture the Sun is available now!

Your patience has been rewarded—Capture the Sun is now available! 🎉

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I hope you all enjoy reading Lexi and Nilo’s story as much as I enjoyed writing it. It’s a little different than the first two books, in that it starts with a bang (😏), and the road to happily ever after is a little bumpy, but don’t worry, they get there eventually!

And you’ll get a peek at the rest of the crew, too, so you can give everyone one last farewell. And this is farewell, at least for now, but you never know what the future holds. Fingers crossed Netflix picks it up, and it becomes a massive success and my publisher starts knocking down my door for more books. (To be clear, there is approximately zero percent chance this will happen, but I can dream!)

If you’d like to talk about the book in person, I’m doing a signing at BookPeople on Sunday, June 25 at 7PM. Come see me! It’s totally free to come hang out and hear me speak, but if you’re able, please buy the book from BookPeople to support the store.

I’ll put up a spoiler thread post after this one, so please hold your spoilery questions until then. :) Happy reading!

Edit: UK folks, it seems the paperback release has been pushed to August 17. I don’t know why, but multiple retailers have that date, so if you want a paper copy you’ll have to wait just a bit longer. I’m so sorry!

One Week to Go!

A tiny smile curved his lips, and he leaned in, voice conspiratorial. "Good thing I find women with knives sexy."

Preorder Capture the Sun Now! Out June 20, 2023.

We’re just one week out from the release of Capture the Sun, and if you click over to the book page, you can read the first three chapters!

If you would like a signed book, you can either order from BookPeople or come see me in person here in Austin on June 25 at 7:00PM. I’m signing preorders on June 20, so you need to get your order in before then. :)

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While you’re waiting, you can read Magic Claims by Ilona Andrews which came out today! Happy pub day to House Andrews! 🎉

An Ilona Andrews book might be the only thing that could tear me away from my Diablo IV fixation, lol. Mr. M and I completed the campaign over the weekend, and now we’re on to World Tier 3. Overall, the campaign was darkly beautiful and the cinematics were absolutely incredible, but the plot/writing was a bit uneven. I get it, plots are hard!

This week is all admin, all the time. I’m going to try to schedule some of my release posts ahead of time so next week isn’t so hectic. We’ll see how successful I am, but wish me luck!

And since you made it all the way to the end, you deserve another small snippet, so here you go! See you next week!

The transport dropped us on a poorly lit street in a run-down part of town. I was armed with a plas blade, a pair of plas pistols, and three knives of varying sizes. Nilo had his own weapons, including a knife that matched the one he’d used to demonstrate his teleportation abilities.

Nilo’s research indicated there could be as many as eight guards, so we were aiming for stealth, but we were prepared in case that plan failed—as plans so often did.

After a few minutes of walking, Nilo pulled me aside. Besor’s building should be just around the corner.

“I will have to shield for you,” Nilo whispered.

Capture the Sun ARC Winners & Chapter Three!

Capture the Sun ARC Winners, plus read the first three chapters! Available June 20, 2023, preorder now.

Thank you all so much for entering! You all had so many great things to look forward to in the next few months and I loved reading all of your comments. 💕

I am THISCLOSE to finishing the romantic fantasy I’ve been writing. I crossed 100k words this morning, and my first drafts usually come in around 105k, so I will hopefully be finished by the end of the month. Then, sleep!

But I know why you’re all here, and so, without further ado, here are the winners as picked by random number. Please follow the links to see if it’s your comment, since there might be some duplicate names.

#19 – Jenny R.
#31 – Jessie Silverman
#106 – Jina
#117 – Gale

WINNERS: Send me an email at mihalikwrites AT gmailDOTcom with the subject ARC Winner, and please use the same email address you used to comment. You can also use the contact form, if you’d prefer. Please include your name and address, and the name you’d like for personalization, if desired. :)

If you didn’t win, don’t despair! Chapter three of Capture the Sun is now up for your reading pleasure! We’re less than a month away from release (howwwwww?), so get your final library requests and preorders in. 💕

Oh, and come see me on June 25 at BookPeople here in Austin!

Capture the Sun Cover, featuring a man and woman in silhouette against a fiery orange sun with a futuristic city in the background.

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