Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from our house to yours! I hope this holiday season brings you peace, joy, and all the best presents from Santa. 💕

A picture of Mr. M and me with a festive background. Happy Holiday from House Mihalik!

I’m so grateful for your enthusiasm and support this year, and I can’t wait to see what 2023 and beyond brings! With that in mind, I maaaay have included a new tiny little snippet of Capture the Sun below, but you won’t tell my editor, right? ;)

Happy holidays and happy reading!

I blinked my eyes open to a room filled with dim light. When I lifted my head, I saw that the glass panels had darkened, shading the room from the blazing sun outside. I glanced down at Nilo and found him watching me with an unreadable expression. “What time is it?” I whispered, unwilling to break the fragile peace.

“Midmorning,” he replied just as softly.

I hummed an acknowledgment and then lay back down. Nilo froze as my head returned to his shoulder, then he slowly, carefully wrapped his arm around me. I wasn’t touch starved, not exactly, but it’d been a while since I’d trusted anyone enough to just cuddle.

Not that I trusted Nilo completely, but I trusted that he wouldn’t take advantage of this.

“You don’t have to stay, if you want to get up,” I murmured a few minutes later. Then I reluctantly added, “I should probably get up, too. We have things to do today.”

Nilo’s arm tightened around me. “I’m exactly where I want to be. Stay. Just for a little while longer.”

Eclipse the Moon Sale & So Many Cookies

The ebook of Eclipse the Moon is on sale for $4.99 on Amazon only, for a limited time. I don’t know how long the sale will last or why it’s only Amazon, but if you’ve been waiting for a sale and you have a Kindle, now’s your chance!

Later today I’m having a happy hour with friends from my former company, so yesterday I spent the day baking because we always do a cookie exchange. After a two-year hiatus, I forgot how much work it is.

And I forgot all the tricks I’d learned but didn’t put into the recipe. 🙈

I cut my millionaire’s shortbread while the chocolate was a little too soft and it’s not very pretty, but at least the kiss cookies turned out nice. Behold, one of two wire racks I filled up:

Several dozen peanut butter kiss cookies on a wire rack

I use the America’s Test Kitchen recipe for both, but I think I might look for another millionaire’s shortbread recipe. They’re super good, but also super crumbly, so I think maybe the shortbread base needs updating. And we’re not going to talk about how many sticks of butter I used, lol.

Do you bake holiday treats? What are your faves?

Capture the Sun Chapter One!

An intergalactic thief must join forces with the charming teleporter who stole her last job—and may now be her only hope for saving her former crew.

Preorder Now!
Out June 20, 2023

I turned in my copyedits yesterday, which means that if you mosey over to the Capture the Sun book page, you’ll find a freshly copyedited first chapter. Happy reading!

Every time I read this book, I’m struck anew by how much I love it, especially since writing it was a bit of an endurance test. But I think it turned out great, and I hope you do, too! If you’d like to ensure your copy arrives in a timely fashion, here are some handy preorder links: 😉

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Signed books from BookPeople
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Signed book preorders will be happening, but probably not until sometime in the new year. I’ll post the link when I have it.

Now I’m probably going to work on my fantasy romance for a bit because the short story started giving me trouble, and I need a change of pace. Plus I’ve been itching to write it, so that’s always a good sign.

Speaking of fantasy romance, I read The Undertaking of Hart and Mercy in two days this week and adored it. Two bitter enemies end up anonymous pen-pals thanks to magical mail, and they find they have more in common than they thought. I never expected to cheer this hard for a main character who was an undertaker, and yet, it was a delight. Plus, it’s on sale for $2.99 right now! As always, try a sample first to see if it’ll work for you. :)

Capture the Sun Cover Reveal!

The cover for Capture the Sun is starting to roll out to retailers, so I guess it got approved, lol. I’m usually the last to know, and I’ve been sitting on this for months, so I’m super excited that I can finally share. 🎉 Behold Lexi and Nilo!

Capture the Sun Cover, featuring a man and woman in silhouette against a fiery orange sun with a futuristic city in the background.
Click to embiggen

The sun, the city, Luna… I love it all! In case you’ve missed it, this is the third and final book in the Starlight’s Shadow trilogy, and it’s publishing in June 2023. But preorders are up now, if that’s your jam. :)

Acclaimed author Jessie Mihalik returns with the thrilling conclusion to her Starlight’s Shadow trilogy. An intergalactic thief must join forces with the charming teleporter who stole her last job—and may now be her only hope for saving her former crew.

As a recovery specialist, Lexi Bowen’s jobs typically require more trickery and thievery than honest work. Her former captain might not approve of her flexible morals, but stealing artifacts for rich assholes pays the bills, and Lexi’s had enough of war and death. The FHP left her to die once; she doesn’t plan to give them a chance to finish the job.

Unfortunately, her latest contract takes her to Valovia itself—and right back into the orbit of Nilo Shoren, a Valovian teleporter who already cost her one payday and nearly stole her heart.

Armored against his clever charm, Lexi plans to get in, get the job done, and get out. But when her former crew goes missing in Valovian space, Lexi will have to work with Nilo to figure out what happened—and stop it—before the galaxy’s two superpowers can use the disappearance as an excuse to return to war.

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Hunt the Stars, Eclipse the Moon, and Capture the Sun on a teal background.

Look at all three book together!! Aren’t they gorgeous??? 😍 I’m so thankful to the team who made them happen, which leads me to my next point…

On a less fun note, the HarperCollins Union workers are currently on strike for better wages because HarperCollins has refused to negotiate with them for nearly a year, and I support the striking workers 100%. The union is NOT asking readers to boycott HC books, but if you like books by HC authors and want to help the people who make them happen, here’s a thread of ways you can.

Honor and Shadows is Out Now!

Happy pub day to meeeee! 🎉 I have to celebrate extra hard because Halloween was a big bust at House Mihalik—not a single trick-or-treater darkened our doorstep, and I’m sad. I just wanted to see all the kiddos in their cute costumes and hand out the totally excessive amount of candy I bought. 😭

More candy for me, I guess. And Mr. M. I’m going to need backup to get through it, lol.

But back to the book! Honor and Shadows is the short story that was a preorder bonus for Hunt the Stars, so you may have already read it. The edited version did grow by about 4k words (up to 14k), but it didn’t change too much plot wise, so you can skip it if you want.

But if you do want to buy it, it’ll only cost you 99 pennies, so it’s a veritable bargain! Read it while you munch on leftover Halloween candy and/or recover from a sugar coma, whichever is most appropriate. :)

Honor and Shadows Cover, featuring a woman in silhouette against a space background.

Honor and Shadows is a 10,000-word prequel novelette set just before the start of Hunt the Stars.

The original rough draft was written as a bonus for preordering Hunt the Stars. This is a short action/adventure story with the Starlight’s Shadow crew before they meet the Valoffs.

Captain Octavia Zarola needs an infusion of credits—fast—if she’s going to keep her close-knit bounty hunting crew paid and fed. Tracking down an escaped embezzler on a backwater planet should be a piece of cake, but bounties are rarely as easy as they seem.

As the crew closes in on their quarry, the hunt becomes entangled with a local criminal overlord, and Tavi will have to decide what’s more important: money or honor, and how much she’s willing to risk for either one.

Get your copy!
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Apple Books | Kobo | Google Play

Print books are still rolling out. The Amazon version is up now, but the version for independent bookstores and BN is working its way through the system.

That said, the print books are expensive for such a short story because they’re print on demand. I’m not getting rich on them, promise. :) If you do buy one, it’ll match the other Starlight’s Shadow books, and I did spent a stupid amount of time sweating the details, so I hope you like it!